Author Topic: Facebook's STCC, it's about Hypocrisy & Crocodile Tears  (Read 204 times)

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What about this?

As you can see, this photo looking down towards the canal where the power lines (top left) cross the canal at The Oxbow in Fairport. 

The founder of the STCC lives a couple of hundred yards away from this, and uses the area for dog walking almost every day.

The LOCAL Power Company (RG&E) have removed all these small trees along the power line for SAFETY and access, yet this doesn't seem to have caused Ms Agte any grief at all.

But just over the canal, (in the background) where the New York Power Authority (NYPA) wants to do the same for SAFETY, and dam inspection access, she has kicked up one helluva fuss.

Double standards, I'd say.

RG&E gets a pass to keeps electrical wires clear and safe but NYPA pays the price for trying to do the same thing for a High-Hazard Earthen Embankment Dam

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