Author Topic: STCC's Leadership by Maier & Agte's is RELENTLESS & also WRONG.  (Read 222 times)

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The issue is not that this group doesn't know the rules around Embankment Dams, they simply refuse to agree with the basic definitions stating it time and again and choosing a path completely opposite of what the NY Canal Corporation has said. They have ignored what Embankment Dam Science says, and sadly what the experts, they sought out themselves, have told them.

They simply refuse to acknowledge those crazy words like: unsafe, embankment, dams, safety, know.."danger words".

There are plenty of past STCC postings that show Ms Maier has TOLD the group what to say regarding use of the term: Dam. Fact is that she had visited other NYPA managed Embankment Dams, via Google Steets perhaps, and it was grass covered so if the STCC used the word "Dam" then this is what they would get. Looked something like this:

You see,  if you say anything at all that the STCC Leadership disagrees with you, are NOT welcome in the Facebook group or will be cut from it's membership if you were already a member. I'm not on Facebook myself, don't  know when this post went up on STCC Land, but honestly if the STCC followers want to be led around by this bias, hoping on hope their the Leadership is right, they are in for a BIG surprise.

Here's a question...
Why doesn't anyone within the STCC ranks challenge their own leadership as to why they have ZERO ANSWER to the statements made by Dave Rosgen..their OWN expert who told them that Erie Canal is created by a series of Embankment Dams. They wrote him, he replied and they have YET to post that little bit of information for their "followers" top see. Instead they just sweep the facts under the "STCC carpet" that says they will somehow stop a public safety project meant to protect the Erie Canal.

Because if they do ask.. they will be tossed out for even questioning the motives of the STCC Leadership.

The STCC hasn't stopped anything, and looks like they now have given the Canal Corp the "key" to preventing any further chance that "people behaving badly" will be able to stop their important Public Safety efforts again. It has now become a case of "be careful what you ask for" as the SEQR document demand of the STCC is being met, for the next iteration of the Erie Canal Embankment safety. All future embankment work is now under the NY Erie Canal Earthen Embankment Integrity Program... note the word program. All will have SEQR in place pre-work.

Statewide Environmental Quality Review, or SEQR as it's know, is being done on all work zones, all counties, the approximately 260 more miles of main Barge Canal waterway. That work insures that even though the NYCC is NOT required to have it it is in their "back pocket if needed, should any opposition arise in future Embankment Repair work. In addition, that same SEQR work may now be used to identify needs for Embankment Remediation beyond the normal two-step process. US Army Corps of Engineers describes Embankment Dam  Remediation as Step 1: remove large vegetation & stumps and then Step 2: grub, refill slope and plant grass.

That is all that is required in the Earthen Embankment Remediation process, clear & plant grass.

Restoration or barrier replanting may become "optional" with the new Cnal Corp EEI Program. If SEQR analysis shows the need, then the adjoining property will get that 3rd step homeowners were promised with the EERP project, privacy barriers. Doing the SEQR work will most likely result in a nice tidy savings from the EEIP efforts to put back into the NY Canal Corporation working budget. That is a savings to taxpayers as well...the STCC can pat themselves on the back for that. Of course they also made it impossible for Waterloo, Syracuse & Little Falls to mount ANY opposition as well.

What the STCC Needs to Do:
I've heard the STCC has recently asked their members to leave if they are sending information to the ECNA... who they paste the "enemy" label on. I have a better solution... and one that will quickly solve your problems of "who's the mole" & "where's the leak". And folks most of you will get this because it is COMMON SENSE, something seriously lacking in this whole mess.

Try this simple 6 Step approach... because it will work and you might accomplish your goal.

Step 1 - Remove ALL members of the STCC except Agte, Maier, Gouldthorpe & Miller... throw in K. Gallagher for good measure as he's a pretty logical guy, but he's stuck hoping these first four are right. There are a few others that do post on STCC but stick with this short list for a reason.

Step 2 - Post the Perinton Embankment Safety video to your Google STCC site... and also "may" want to mention the ECNA as a source of data, as that seems to be were many of your own folks, even leadership, seem to be getting your latest information lately.

Step 3 - Post the Wildwood Hydrology discussion w/ Dam Rosgen, on WHY Erie Canal Embankments are actually considered Earthen BOTH the STCC Facebook & Google websites... hopefully with your admission that the STCC is sorry for not providing it sooner. Here's an easy way to do that.. link this post -->

Step 4 - Agree as a five person Leadership Team to always provide VERIFIED facts whenever possible FIRST, over opinions, ideas, hunches, and intuition as Ms Agte claims over and over. Tell the truth and it will be easier to defend..right?

Step 5 - Reopen your Facebook group to the Public and wait to see if your membership returns... of course you will no doubt be using some type of "loyalty test" to try and weed out those you are "asking politely" to leave and won't. Not sure why this is needed, but you folks seem to want it.

Step 6 - Compare the old number with the new member should tell you quite a bit about your overall messaging and whether it is now accepted a year after your inception. If folks don't come back in droves, then maybe your message needs to improve, or it's other core values like honesty, integrity, and transparency. If folks flock gives you a chance to weed I guess. But at least you get answers.

This all makes sense doesn't it?

But of course I'm not sure if anyone in the STCC Leadership will understand...they still don't get what's wrong with this picture in spite of EVERYTHING they have been told to them by the NYCC, NYPA, ECNA and common sense.