Author Topic: STCC's Leadership by Maier & Agte's is RELENTLESS & also WRONG.  (Read 221 times)

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Seems like the STCC is back at it once again, this time comparing the Erie Canal Embankment Restoration going in in western Monroe County to the 1938 radio show that aired the original War of the Worlds play. That broadcast was unique and started a panic along the East coast as the listeners of that day ALSO fell prey to the "fake" show that was playing out on their radios. It appears the STCC has stolen their playbook.

Perhaps this post was inspired by the recent showing of the classic movie War of the Worlds on public airways. In any case it is a VERY poor attempt at trying to accomplish the same general idea... both are trying to "scare" the public into believing something that is just not true.

That has been the campaign of this small group of Stop the Canal ClearCut fanatics from Day 1... no surprise it continues today.

Here's a one page reply to the post by Mr. Neale just so we can be clear of what this author is saying:

Such an ominous tone from the STCC, they are "waged in a war" it seems, at least that is what they must think. Sadly the "war" has ALWAYS been with their own inability to understand the truth and failure to recognize when the safety of the public is at risk, even after all this time

Maybe the STCC should simply "try" accepting the fact that the Erie Canal needs help to survive the "war" being waged against it by large woody vegetation growing along the embankment dams that line it. That is, after all, exactly what everyone who is an expert in Embankment Dams is saying about it.

But then again... remember what someone said a long time ago...
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