Author Topic: STCC's Leadership by Maier & Agte's is RELENTLESS & also WRONG.  (Read 221 times)

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More from the pen of Ms Maier
On the question of 'How much is all this dirt costing?"

Virginia Borden Maier writes  Since the Canal Corporation won't just voluntarily tell the public this, we're just going to start saying that we estimate $30 million.

That's amazing!  I wonder how she came up with this number? Pulled it out of a hat perhaps?  I'll bet within a week, this number will be carved in stone on the STCC Facebook page.

They simply ignore the cost of the alternative, which is a breach of an unsafe dam. If it saves ONE person's life, it will be worth it. If it saves ONE dam repair, it will be worth it.  But of course, Ms Maier isn't concerned about all that, she lives way above any potential flood.
AND LEST THE STCC FORGETS  Remember the court injunction they filed against the NYPA   Almost $50,000 in legal fees for the three towns, Perinton, Pittsford and Brighton. I hate to think what it cost the NYPA in delays to their contracts, and their legal fees sorting out that mess. Perhaps the STCC should have a whip round from it's members (605 at last count)  that's only about $100 per member. Come on guys  - cough up! Its the neighborly thing to do!