Author Topic: STCC's Leadership by Maier & Agte's is RELENTLESS & also WRONG.  (Read 221 times)

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Somewhere on this Forum I posted information on NY Canal Corporation budgets, years 2016-2019. If you look long enough this information can be found on NY State websites. It's usually in pages and pages of Meeting Minutes, something most folks gloss over except Engineers & Researchers. It's always about data & numbers.

2016 (pre-NYPA) - Normal CC operating budget was about $55M, only $5M was from canal income, the rest was from the state, from who ran the canal corporation through the Thruway & DOT.

2017 (NYPA transition) - Starting at that $55M number they only did some internal changes but did pay Rizzo Engineering for the Erie Canal Safety Inspection...which led to the Embankment Program...not much change. They did get almost $3M approved at year end for the Vegetation Project.

2018 (EERP start) Total for the year was original $55M needed annually and they were also given another $40M for The many projects that were started for improved safety abd decreased risk to the state. Projects like Erie Canal Embankments and Deruyter Dam repair are a few that come to mind. NYPA asked the NYCC what was needed and they replied, extra budget money was approved in Fall 2018

2019 (EEIP start) I read somewhere the total budget for Canal Operations & Maintenance  (O&M) was less for this year than 2018. Still it is  $33M than in the past with the Thruway. The NYCC O&M number is around $88M this year, and they are also taking on more safety repairs and general the SEQR work on Embankment Program. The are also now expanding the Erie Canal trail where needed to finish connecting the 500+ miles together.

After years of "limping along" and falling apart the Erie Canal is getting a much needed "facelift" by the re-energized Canal Corporation, energized by its new owners NYPA... and we also think we found the source of the funding for these Erie Canal Capital Improvements

NYPA has simple said when it comes to Dams it has to be about safety, not true..

My answer to Concerned Neighbor is simple...

Just take a look and see what's happening west of Rochester, you will see a Safety Project in action. That same thing will happen in every single neighborhood that borders Erie Canal Embankment Dams. It's now a program by the NY Power & Canal Corporation that focuses on two things..Safety & Sustainability.

And it's not anyone's choice but our own...we ALL asked for Dam Safety years ago in this country... 2006 to be exact.

The National Dam Safety Program Act was voted into law back in 2006, by people who we elected into office to do this sort of thing...protecting the public, even if they don't think they need it. Rest assured that the "new" New York Canal Corporation has heard the message loud & clear.

They are in the "Make the Erie Canal Safe Again" business for the long haul... and have all the funding needed to accomplish their task, already provided by yet another State Act... Transportation Act of 2005 = Canal Infrastructure Improvements = $210M
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