Author Topic: STCC's Leadership by Maier & Agte's is RELENTLESS & also WRONG.  (Read 221 times)

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Once again, more fiction from a group & it's leaders who can't seem to "handle the truth"...quoting a famous movie line.

Here's the Screen Barrier Experts.... by function:

Engineering & Design -
Material supply & plan execution team -
Bergman is on-call Design & Engineering support.

All of what is being done now on the EEIP is based in Known Science & Engineering Best Practices. Why would she think that would change? What she's doing is actually firming up the position of the Canal Corp when she says these things. She is verifying that the NYCC is doing everything right.

And in the same breath, she is insuring that most intelligent people can see how wrong she is, and how unwilling she is to accept the facts & the truth.

I posted some replies to other posts...but it won't do any good for Ms Agte. She can't tell fact from fiction, can't see the truth now that the STCC filled the pot with a simmering soup of lies.

She's unwilling to admit she is wrong... even when that fact is staring her in the face.

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