Author Topic: European canals have trees, but not on their dams!  (Read 9 times)

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European canals have trees, but not on their dams!
« on: July 15, 2021, 07:13:11 pm »
It seems so many folks at the STCC Facebook page don't understand what is going on here.

There is a HUGE difference between a canal embankment, and an earthen embankment dam.
I can almost guarantee there are NO trees on dams in Europe. I've been to Holland (home of earthen dams) and France, and lived near the canals of England. But on the ordinary embankments trees abound.
Besides that, English canals are very shallow, about 4' deep on average, the the hydrostatic pressure is much less than on our dam here.

Wooded slopes have NOTHING to do with canal earthen embankment dams. Why? No hydrostatic pressure.

But Agte et al already knew this yet declined to correct these comments, perpetuating the lies.

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