Author Topic: The Erie Canal as a Renewable Energy Highway  (Read 51 times)

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Re: The Erie Canal as a Renewable Energy Highway
« on: December 23, 2018, 09:25:40 pm »
Actually had a conversation with Shawn Lessord here in Brockport while Zone 37 Embankments were being grubbed, cleared & patched. The company he works for was behind the recent Parma Solar Farm that was featured on the local news. He is an expert on renewable energy, and is an expert in application of solar technology. His view of the NY Power Authority ownership of the Erie Canal is aligned with those who manage the Erie Canal National Heritage Cooridor, we must bring the Canalway into the 21st century and insure it remains for hundreds of years more. That would mean utilizing it's "renewable energy" potential if it is there, creation of a "green byway" would be great for NY State.

But Shawn Lessord is NOT a hydrologist, folks, nor is he an expert in Embankment Dam Science.

So why did  the Stop the Clear Cut Group seek out this opinion on this project? Are they hoping to once again simply dismiss the FACT we are talking about Dam Safety when we talk about the EERP Project work? Equally unsure how anyone would miss the logical ownership change of the NY Canal to NY Power Authority. If this agency can make ownership of the Erie Canal profitable for NY taxpayers isn't that something we all would benefit from? Are they surprised by the move of NYPA & NYCC to look for ways to MAKE money from the Erie Canal?

What's the point of placing this post on the STCC Facebook page?

Clearly these folks are grasping at straws once again..anyone can become a new Dam expert, just by agreeing with their view? Is there some reason why this group continues to side-step the truth being told here? It's only a three letter word, Dam. It does come with some regulations, and rules around safety...but it is a Dam... no question. Well unless you happen to be living in your own fantasy world where the word Dam is something of a "four-letter word"

I'd have to place this latest STCC post squarely between frustration & desperation. It is an Earthen Embankment is broken, there is money to fix it, it doesn't get much easier that that. Folks, please let people do their jobs... this is about public safety... end of story. And hopefully this news ALSO signals an end to a group that prided itself on simply denying the Dam truth that was all around them... and still do to this day. It's DAM ignorance if you ask me... sad. What a Dam shame that this project had the same affect as the Civil War, dividing a community. Yes.. the STCC is frustrated beyond all reason, and they are left with desperation, along with their regular menu of deflection, deceiving & dis-information.

Just ask any Hydrologist, Geologist, Dam Engineer or those experts brought forward by the Stop The Clear Cut group, all agree with this statement..

The Erie Canal is made up of MILES of Earthen Embankment Dams, all of them must be cleared for safety's sake.

Of course those saying different are not quite "experts" in the field of Embankment Dam Science & Engineering or simply haven't read what the NY Canal Corporation said was driving their project. And so folks, another page turns on the final chapter of the STCC Playbook.. ever nearing the end & soon to be placed BACK on the shelf right next to all those other "Fictional Stories" about the NY Canal Corporation's Earthen Embankment Remediation Project.

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