Author Topic: They have nothing better to do than nit pick!  (Read 67 times)

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They have nothing better to do than nit pick!
« on: December 17, 2018, 01:06:24 pm »
I guess the STCC is going south a little more each day. What with their Facebook page going dark,  and all.

Posted recently on the Facebook TCC page --

We have a report from a westsider that the people driving the heavy machinery on the towpath were clocked at going at least 35mph. The speed limit on Canal Road is 30mph. They saw a woman walking her dog have to hit the weeds to avoid this machinery. I sent an email to CC and reminded them AGAIN, that they haven't even bothered to update their website with trail closings. When they are working after dark and on weekends when trail users do not expect them to be working, it's even worse. This is NOT OK!

One has to wonder how they now have accurate radar to 'clock' vehicles to a 5mph error factor. I thought even the cops gave speeders a 5mph leeway?
I guess they're just grumpy! After all, if both your expert witnesses have denounced you, no one in high places is listening any more, and members are leaving in droves, you'd be grumpy too!

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Re: They have nothing better to do than nit pick!
« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2018, 04:54:57 pm »
The Stop The Clear Cut Group has taken HYPOCRISY to the new level here, and CONTINUES to "lower the bar" on what passes for Simple TRUTH these days... but that has been their mantra since Day 1. Deception & Deflection at it's best.

I'll start at the simple truth and hopefully those with any amount of intelligence will understand it.

The Canal Rd Speed Limit varies by Village to Town. Outside Spencerport headed west it is 40 mph. In Adam's Basin the speed is 35mph almost all the way to Sweden town line. Then Canal Rd becomes East Canal Rd with a posted speed of 40 mph. I'm not saying that whoever stated the speed limit was 30 is wrong, simply pointing out the TRUTH that the Canal Rd speed limit changes and is 40 along many sections.

Now.. that might settle it but I want to press on, when the TRUTH is at stake it's a important to call a Lie by it's REAL name.. a LIE.

There are SIGNS all along the Erie Canal Trail (ECT) stating No Motor Vehicles Allowed. The signs are posted at most entrances to the ECT trail and am sure we ALL have seen one before. Also says Keep Dogs on Leashes, but few follow that rule it seems. So it stands to reason that if motor vehicles are not allowed at the Top of the Dams..then there is ZERO REASON to have Speed Limit Signs along the ECT...has anyone ever seen a Speed Limit Sign there? If you have I'd love to see the picture. Whether this author likes it, wants to believe it or even has the capacity to understand this simple TRUTH:

There is NO Posted Erie Canal Trail Speed Limit.

So complain as much as you like, it's the PROPERTY of the NEW YORK CANAL CORPORATION and as such they can advise THEIR staff and suppliers as they see fit. Folks, these people are fighting the weather, a short Embankment Remediation Season and now have to fight people who are ONLY looking for something to complain about in light of the fact that NOTHING will be stopped when it comes to Public Safety, and they have followed the "Wrong Shepard" when they chose the STCC.

But what is maybe the hardest thing to comprehend is the fact that few if any see the HYPOCRISY dripping from this STCC Post about speeding along the ECT.

This Facebook Group and it's Leadership, has spent over ONE FULL YEAR simply IGNORING the entire Safety Message the NY Canal Corporation as carried as their banner for this Earthen Embankment Remediation Project (EERP) and now, when the work is being done and the Construction Crews are trying to repair the Dams, making life safer for all those living in potential Flood Zones the same group is "calling out" the NYCC for a "safety concern"? As if the phrase Unsafe Embankments wasn't believable, now they chose "No Speeding?

Really?... I mean REALLY!! [/b]

Once again those people who are being led around by the whims of this STCC group and it's founders should be ASHAMED not only with the pettiness of their leadership..but also in their OWN inability to think for themselves.

Folks.. the Erie Canal is UNDER CONTRUCTION, it is no secret. Right as I author this post the Tioga Construction Crews are working under floodlights, trying to beat old man Winter, and get as much done on warmer days as possible. If you haven't seen the Erie Canal IS a MESS. If you want to go walk on it, have at it but remember this...

You are walking in a marked, announced and possibly dangerous Construction Zone... AT YOUR OWN RISK

The picture below shows what to expect..  I suggest some good mud boots.

The ECNA has said it before.. just like the Highway Crews in the warmer months.. "Give these Guys a Break".. Slow your personal Rhetoric Down a notch or two...  Please
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