Author Topic: The Hunt for that 'Elusive & Rare' Shade along the Erie Canal  (Read 34 times)

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One of the main reasons why we should let fellow citizens drown or lose their property in a breach of one of our embankment dams is the perpetual whining from people like Eerie Agte, Maddening Maier and Krazy Kevin Gallagher, who consider SHADE more important than repairing and fixing these dilapidated structures. 

So! They want shade? Lets go find it for them!

First lesson for this hunt.

1. The SUN (that bright hot object in the sky) rises in the EAST everyday.
2. Half way through the day, the SUN is highest in the SOUTHERN sky
3. At the end of the day, the SUN is setting in the WEST

That means shadows (those things that make SHADE) are thrown as follows-

1) In the mornings, all canal trails running north/south like from 31f to Bushnells Basin = no shade

2) In the later mornings, those canal trails running EAST to WEST like Bushnells Basin to Pittsford = no shade

3) In the later day, Erie Canal trails like 31f to Bushnells Basin (N to S) are in shade, - for now.

In the future, there will only be shade where there is no earthen embankment dam. These water impounding structures will be cleared of trees.

But all is not lost, wipe those crocodile tears away, and get out and find places like Harts Woods, and numerous other woody areas.

Or get up early and take your walk before the SUN is high in the sky. Look where the sun is and use your brain to figure it out... yes your own brain.

It is really easy!

And a lot of residents living under the threat of flood will appreciate your thoughtfulness as these dangerous trees are removed from our canal dams.
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Here's the truth... one small town, with two disgruntled Erie Trail Users, have caused ALL of this lost time, lost money and lost opportunity to REPAIR a public safety issues right here in our area.

Miles and miles of Canal Neighbors on the WEST side of Rochester, are held hostage by a MINIORITY of nay-sayers in a community with MINIMAL amount of Embankments located within it's Townships.

Ahh... But they do have the $$$ don't they?

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