Author Topic: The latest 'revelations' from the STCC  (Read 28 times)

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The latest 'revelations' from the STCC
« on: February 18, 2019, 05:06:29 pm »
In a recent post on the almost defunct STCC Facebook page, it appears that Facebook is deleting numerous inactive STCC subscribers. We are well aware that people have become disillusioned with this operation, as they discover the many untruths they have spread, and see their 'expert witnesses' like Donald H Gray and Dr. Rosgen refute their original statements regarding trees on slopes. They are leaving this sinking ship in droves.

The truth is, as these experts now proclaim, (since we told them they were dealing with a dangerous embankment dam and not a levee or a wooded river slope), that trees have no place on an earthen embankment dam.

The STCC founder stated -
We are battling for trees, transparency, safety and honesty. We don't have to live in an ugly world in order to be 'safe'.
Against all the scientific evidence, they are trying to push water uphill. As for transparency, they have never once mentioned the hundreds of thousands of dollars they spent shoring up the canal embankments with steel pilings. Or that their expert witnesses have changed their opinions. As for safety, have they ever mentioned the safety of people living in a dam hazard zone like Bushnells Basin or Crystal Springs? And honesty is something seriously lacking here, as they have told blatant lies to their expert witnesses and many others. As for ugliness, I challenge any one to show me anything beautiful about the mess on the slopes at the Oxbow. Honeysuckle, messy Cottonwoods, ragweed and much more, so overgrown, no one can see a hand in front of their face.

As if the Canal Corp were interested in their skepticism of the expert arborists and landscape architects they have employed.They even decry the Canal Corp for employing experts, preferring them to deal with the problem in house

It looks like the STCC is imploding, it's becoming a secret society, almost touching on witchcraft now, as they  conjure up more and more potions to try to maintain their position. They now tell members not to post on the forum, for fear of trolls and demons. That's a good thing, fewer lies on the Web.
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Re: The latest 'revelations' from the STCC
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2019, 11:05:05 am »
I'm surprised that you did not post the entire message that was recently sent out to the STCC "warriors" from Ms. Agte, the self-pronounced leader of the STCC group who is fighting against safety initiatives in the guise of "helping Nature".

If you read the complete message, you get a sense of how biased the group really is, and also how they seem to be worried more about their own "appearance" than about the actual safety of their community and the sad state of the Erie Canal. Sadly there are MANY folks in our community who are letting this dangerous STCC group (and it's leadership) speak for them on the topic of Erie Canal safety. This is a group that has shown over and over how much they fail to grasp the simplest concepts of what is going on with this NY Canal Corporation Embankment Restoration Project.

As for my view on the STCC, I'm not sure why Ms. Agte feels her "hunches" on this Erie Canal Restoration project should matter more than the actual homeowners who are living along the unsafe embankments. Our voices are being drowned out by her dangerous rhetoric it seems.   

Let's let the PUBLIC have a look at what the STCC is saying these days, on their "private" Facebook group page these days:

Here is the STCC's recent post in it's "private" Facebook group" regarding this very "public" project. Please note the bias Ms. Agte is already showing for the Landscaping Firm already selected by the NY canal Corp  for the Phase 3 Evergreen Barrier Replanting Design. You would think she would welcome someone who will be setting the plan for future planting of trees, trees that are actually allowed on Embankment Dams. But that would mean common sense was being applied... just wishful thinking when you talk about the STCC.

January 24 at 11:44 PM
Elizabeth R. Agte
Admin safety

Some updates:
We urged the CC to post trail closures at our December 7th meeting, and it took several weeks. But they have not updated the closures to now include Holley. From your pictures, I would guess that canal path is not walkable...I want to give a shout out to Julie Mellen Damerell who stepped up and reported the current status of canal embankment work at the Brighton Town Board Meeting last night. Or as she referred to it.. her "dramatic reading". That totally **** me up. Thanks so much Julie. A forward thanks to Karen Anvelt who has volunteered to be present at the February Pittsford meeting. I sent a letter to the editor of the D&C, we will see if they print it.

We are still dealing with some disturbing troll activity. Every time I get a PM from one of you about it, I want you to know I drop what I am doing to try to get to the bottom of it as soon as possible. No one likes to feel like they are being stalked. I'm still doing some research so I won't go into details right now, but I want you all to bear in mind: trolls are bottom feeders. They have no original content of their own, so they have to steal in order to be relevant.

We have a group of savvy internet warriors, but I will repeat.. do not post anything on our page, even through it is "private" that is personal. No emails, phone numbers etc. Those of you who contact me, and relay private messages from trolls, just remember, anyone can PM you, but you can block them. Thank you to those of you who have sent me the PM's for documentation. I'm sorry for those of you who have had to deal with this low life. But feel free to continue to contact me. It's not how any of us want to spend our free time, but trolls have no boundaries.

Stay tuned for information about the February meeting that the CC has promised about remediation for the westside. I'm highly skeptical of the choices they will make for the arborist and landscape architect, because they have jobbed the hiring of those positions out to a consulting firm, several degrees of separation... Hopefully my intuition is wrong.

You may notice a change in our member count, Facebook is reconfiguring their group attendance numbers. It might be a Russian thing, but they are combing through groups to see who participates or not. Sometimes friends join friends in groups they have no desire to be in, sometimes it's a bot, or a Russian or a troll. (I know I am not the only one who has like a hundred guys who want to be my boyfriend on Facebook these days.)

Tonight as we walked along the canal, we stopped and waited, because eight deer were gingerly making their way over soft ice across the canal. I hooked my dog back up, because I knew if he rushed them, and they galloped, they might break the ice after a few days of warm. (I know, I know, deer don't gallop.. what do they do??) But anyway, we waited...from quite a distance.... until even the straggler caught up to the rest and leaped the stones to dry ground.

As always, thanks to all of you who stay vigilant. We are battling for trees, transparency, safety and honesty.
We don't have to live in an ugly world in order to be "safe".

Maybe this last statement is the most humorous...

As always, thanks to all of you who stay vigilant. We are battling for trees, transparency, safety and honesty. We don't have to live in an ugly world in order to be "safe".

Folks, this last statement is coming from a group who has continually ignored the damage done by the trees to the earthen dams those trees reside on, from a group who's own LACK of transparency caused them to take that group from public to private, from a group who ignores the word safety at all costs...even placing it in quotes as if it's debatable in the last sentence to their waning Facebook membership.

There are documented reports of Unsafe Erie Canal Embankments on file with the NY Dept of Environmental Conservation and a series of 40 recent embankment inspections where all but a very few sections received failing grades. Still the STCC does NOT even think safety is an issue, stating over and over their tired philosophy of "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".. even with monumental evidence that says the Erie Canal Embankments ARE broken.

This group has done nothing positive to help the Erie Canal safety issue and simply calls everyone who fails to accept their "fake" truth a liar, in some way or another.

To date the STCC has not produced one shred of evidence to back their distorted view of this Erie Canal Restoration Project and their mantra that "Trees on Dams are OK". Every attempt made by this group to con hydrology experts to their side, has resulted in each of those experts recanting statements & removing their support for the STCC group. Check our ECNA Forum for more detail on STCC's "expert testimony" and how that group purposely hid the truth from their own experts. Once these experts saw pictures of the Embankments, they ALL agreed these are Earthen Dams that are being restored... and it was absolutely necessary to do that work per all known science & regulations

As for honesty; the STCC group won't even call the Erie Canal Embankments by their proper terminology as Earthen Dams. They have no idea what the word honesty means and never will. They have their own brand of truth, that is led by the whims of a group dedicated to resist change at all cost. They have freely admitted that calling the Erie Canal Slopes by their real name, Dams, would mean the embankments would need to be cleared and only have grass covering. They do understand the rules, but seem determined on not allowing the NY Canal Corporation to properly apply them to these Earthen Embankment Dams... because they believe "scenery is MORE important than safety."

Sadly the world is really made that much more ugly by this group's unwillingness to accept the truth. It's a shame that the STCC continues in it's decision to let the lies & ignorance of it's leadership cast a shadow of doubt on one of the biggest safety projects running through New York State. The Erie Canal has finally reached a point where it has become unsafe and this STCC group keeps stating it's not broken, nothing wrong, stay away.

Nothing could be further from the truth folks...

It appears Ms Agte is frustrated by the truth, and also those who are reporting it like the ECNA. Her refusal to see that same truth has now resulted in more lies to cover dwindling support on Facebook. Ms Agte has now stated that Facebook itself will be changing the Stop The Clear Cut group's member count, somehow trying to link that to Russia and current Facebook issues, which is a joke. She whines about trolls, who are actually people stating the truth. And now is making up more lies to cover-up the simple fact that the STCC is a sinking ship, as you stated.

The truth is simple, this Facebook group has little to no participation from it's membership, but they STILL see their "private" statements showing up in the public sphere, even AFTER taking their Facebook group site private to try and prevent that from happening. The only remaining choice for the STCC is to start eliminating it's own membership hoping to find the source of their Facebook group "leak". They feel they have a mole in their midst when sadly it has become apparent that the majority of folks who initially joined the Stop the Clear Cut Group have listened to BOTH sides now, and see the STCC has not been forthright or honest. And now those "STCC moles" are pointing that out to those who will listen, hoping to shed some  light on the dishonesty of the STCC Leadership.

Here's a simple fact; Claiming to have 600 supporters, the STCC Group routinely has only 1% of that number who actively post to their STCC site, and the majority of those FB posts are from a small leadership group led by Ms Agte and two "neighbors". For this trio of leaders it's never been about safety... it's always been about their self-centered, self-serving view of the Erie Canal.

None of these STCC "leaders" live along the Canal Embankments being repaired,  none are in danger of flooding from unsafe dams, and not one of them worries about the need to buy National Flood Insurance if the Embankment Dams go unrepaired. For them it's only about how their "walk" will be affected without trees along the Erie Canal Trail.

As for Ms Agte, she rarely, if ever, walks the actual Erie Canal Trail as she  lives on the opposite side of the Trail Embankment, choosing instead to walk the 2 mile Oxbow Trail located on the east side of the Oxbow Lake... part of NY Parks & Trails recently adopted & maintained by the Erie Canal Neighbor's Association.

Yes, the ECNA is working to improve the Erie Canal Trail system, not allowing it to fall into more disrepair as the STCC would promote.

And that folks is the real truth.
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