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Author Topic: The LONE trees- another STCC myth exposed.  (Read 82 times)

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Re: The LONE trees- another STCC myth exposed.
« on: December 14, 2021, 03:45:25 pm »
It looks like Ms Agte was trying to make a statement about "Perinton Trees holding up to last Saturday's wind event. Here's the whole thread of the initial post Mike.

It appears Ms. Agte's post was in a response to an earlier post from Member Koelle, who had about 6 trees blowdown at the base of the 25' tall Earthen Embankment that borders his property. Maybe trying to make a point that the "dams held up", so trees should stay.

But of course it doesn't make the Dams any less unsafe, leaving trees all over them does it?

And I'm sure that the fact that Brockport led the COUNTY in recorded wind speed last weekend has somehow escaped Ms. Agte.

In FULL DISCLOSURE, the Canal Corporation asked Mr. Koelle if they could remove those trees back in 2018, as they fell under the 15' Toe of Slope removal rules.

Mr Koelle must have declined their offer. and now that the Toe of the Earthen Dam is over-saturated, from an Erie Canal that is still filled with water, these trees fell like dominos.

And now he sees fit to write on Facebook that these blew over... instead of reporting the issue to the Canal Corporation for immediate inspection. Just imagine what the trees that were 25' higher would have done????

Luckily Brockport was spared a flood, with that earlier Embankment Restoration work.

And the Canal Corporation has reached out to the ECNA for exact location of this major blowdown, so that their team can assess if any action is needed to reinforce the Toe of the Embankment Dam.

Just like the last issue that went unreported in Perinton, a major Canal Embankment leak at the base of a 40' tall dam.

It has since been reported and the Canal Corporation has been checking it and will be monitoring this active leak in the future, one of the 100s they have uncovered with embankment clearing and increased inspection by the community.
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