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Author Topic: The LONE trees- another STCC myth exposed.  (Read 82 times)

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Doesn't get any worse than this does it?

Facebook groups who have nothing better to do with their time than to "micro-manage" others, doing their own jobs, perfectly well.

And of course it isn't the Facebook Group's job to micro manage these people, and they also don't have a clue what those other people do, or how difficult the job is.

And even worse, it's not even on their own property... they are tourist on Canal Property, telling the canal owners that "have it all wrong", when it comes to tree safety.

Now they are resorting to following NYS Canal vehicles around, complaining they are driving on "the trail", when hikers use it.

And the Group's leadership somehow believe the Canal Corporation will let them assume responsibility for something they know nothing about, like public safety or infrastructure condition?

Yeah, right... that day will never come.  And all Canal Neighbors should be thanking their lucky stars