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Author Topic: The LONE trees- another STCC myth exposed.  (Read 82 times)

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Trees - how could they?
« on: December 15, 2021, 12:13:01 pm »

Ms Eerie Agte is 'at it' again.

I can't believe she has nothing better to do that write this complete drivel.

And thankfully, it looks as if Senator Lunsford has realised she needs to distance herself from this crackpot!

Here's Agte's latest --

Elizabeth R. Agte
17h  ∑

We had a productive Zoom with Assembly Member Jen Lunsford. We really appreciate that she takes time on a regular basis to check in with us! I wanted to share some of my afterthoughts that I sent her this evening.

I appreciate you meeting with us today. I think we had a productive discussion, with some positive  paths forward.
I understand and appreciate that as an elected official your job is to find middle ground. ďSome people like trees, some people donítÖĒ I pondered this while walking my dog along the canal this evening. Realizing this is very different than saying ďSome people want Whole Foods in their town, some people donít.Ē

I think we all can agree that we are at a critical crossroads here, today. In many regards itís not even if we WANT trees, we absolutely NEED trees, everywhere. And what is especially distressing is that NYPA appears to have an overwhelming blind spot when it comes to our current climate crisis. ( I donít need to point out all the other values that trees provide to maintain our economically vibrant canal communities, we all agreed in our meeting, we have been calling for that protection since 2017.)

My deep concern is that by labeling us radical tree huggers, NYPA misses many larger issues.

Itís one thing for a community to compromise and say, OK, you donít want a six story apartment building, but could you live with one that is three stories? Climate, the ecological environment, and habitat are not things you can slice up like a pie. We are just now slowly coming to understand some of what we donít know, and maybe havenít even been curious about, when it comes to ecosystems. We tend to tease nature apart, only wanting to deal with gypsy moths, or invasive plants, without looking at the entire picture as to WHY things are happening. NYPA isnít remotely curious as to the WHY. One can not randomly reduce a natural ecosystem by half, and have it survive and sustain. (I am being generous here, NYPA intends to reduce the ecosystem by at least 7/8)

Just as I cannot decrease my honeybee population and expect it to survive the winter, so too, environments  are co-dependent and rely on a critical threshold to survive.  NYPA is not concerned about that. The trees and vegetation they intend to leave standing as peace offerings are random, selected by human preference and proximity to homes and villages. Not because they are ecologically important or provide habitat.

How many of those 400 Canal Corporation employees we talked about today sit in nature and observe like Jane Goodall or Rachael Carson? My bet is none.

And how many people have they contacted to tell them what they are not seeing? My bet again is zero.

When their handbook states that wildlife will simply find someplace else to go, it is a giant red arrow pointing at their incompetence and incompatibility as caretakers of an important resource.

The time to stop cutting down trees in order to mow more lawns is NOW. Not tomorrow, not next year. Our children and grandchildren are depending on us to lead, not follow.
Every action matters. Especially the actions initiated by the state of New York. Those actions need to be visionary, showing leadership, curiosity and skill.

Itís the job of our elected officials to hold their feet to the fire and demand that they do better. Not tomorrow or next year, but now.

You canít uncut a tree.

You can't uncut a tree? What a stupid thing to say.  (besides all this other nonsense)

The point the STCC is ALWAYS missing is that these trees are DANGEROUS on these old, badly constructed, badly maintained dams. They need to be removed.

If you're worried about the loss of a few trees here, get everyone in Perinton to plant ONE more tree in their yard. That will more than compensate for the loss.

Better still, lets get all the folks living UNDER THE THREAT OF FLOOD plant one tree in their yard, that's Crystal Springs, Bushnells Basin and Jefferson. 
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