Author Topic: The STCC has yet another reason why Erie Canal Embankments are being cleared  (Read 17 times)

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This fresh off the press... the Stop the Canal ClearCut Facebook group has said they figured out why the canal embankments are "really" being cleared... it all in the Orleans Hub... and it's about plans for Erie Canal "Commercialization".

Wow... never cease to amaze and confound everyone who watches their antics

Just an FYI... the Erie Canal started as the primary commercial waterway in America

Pretty far reach there, but yet another denial of the simple truth of following the law to clear unsafe dams in our state. Of course the change in course could all be all part of a  plan to rethink the STCC name & charter... Stop the Canal ClearCut.
This could be the new Battle Cry for the STCC... Stop the Canal Commercialization
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