Author Topic: There's a Systemic Failure in Facebook's Stop the Canal Clear-cut Group  (Read 106 times)

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Folks, its been two weeks since this post hit the ECNA Forum, and not ONE word from Facebook or the Stop the Canal Clear-cut to refute what was stated here. I was told by a few that I had been a bit too "honest" here, a bit "harsh" on this FB group and its leadership. I will default to this simple thought...honesty is the best policy.

We run an open forum in the Erie Canal NeighborsAssociation, we allow guests, members, just about anyone to post comments or reply to topics started. And we are aware that some members of that Facebook group are regular readers of our Forum, especially our Facebook Opposition Board. We often see comments & information that we share here, somehow end up as a discussion on the STCC webpage sometime later.

But not this time...

You have to wonder after awhile, why NOBODY in a group boasting some 1000+ members, can muster up even the slightest defense to their actions or statements made on their Facebook page. Not one person ever says that what we have stated is "untrue", or "unfair", or some type of exaggeration of truth. NOT ONE WORD!

So the word for today is "indefensible", and here's how Merriam-Webster defines it:

1a: incapable of being maintained as right or valid : UNTENABLE

1b: incapable of being justified or excused : INEXCUSABLE

Incapable of being validated, justified, or excused... that seems to be the simplest way to explain this Stop The Canal Clear-cut Group in a nutshell... isn't it?

BTW: Exactly the same sentiment was shared for another "systemic" problem in this country by Liz Cheney, regarding others who "fail to accept the TRUTH".
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