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Warriors? Like there is a war or battle going on along the Erie Canal right now?

If there is a war going on then that would mean the NY Canal Corporation is fighting on the "right" side, trying to improve public safety. After all, they are trying to repair the Erie Canal and it's hundreds of miles of aging earthen dams that are failing due to lack of proper maintenance for the past 100 years.

They are also trying to HELP communities along the Erie Canal like Brockport and Fairport deal with the changing dynamic on the Erie Canal, away from commercial use and more towards recreation, both on the water, and on the trail.

That would also mean that Ms. Agte and her Facebook group are fighting AGAINST that help, and against making the canal safer and against fixing those aging earthen dams... or better termed... "fighting on the wrong side".

But it's nothing new for this group who's only answer to the "public safety" side of fixing unsafe canal dams is to simply ignore the warnings from the owners & caretakers of this famous waterway, and say they are fear mongering as those earthen embankments crumble.

Sorry I'll chalk all this new "warrior" talk up to the same old WHINING this group does, and has done for 4 years now.

And that whining starts at the TOP, with the two co-founders of this Facebook group. They complain about lack of transparency, when they simply cannot find the answers they are looking for on Facebook. Here's the Trail Closure information that Ms. Agte says "wasn't given".

And now Ms. Agte believe that the Erie Canal waterway is lowered this 2022 Season due to the continued issue with weak & failing embankments, that her group is hoping will not get cleared. She didn't believe the message once again, when the NY State Canal Corporation was "ultra-transparent" last May.

Notice to Mariners

Western Erie Canal and Glens Falls Feeder Canal Ė Water Levels

May 17,2022

Mariners are advised that water levels in the Erie Canal between Lock E-30 (Macedon) and Locks E-34/35 (Lockport) will be approximately one foot lower than previous years as the Canal Corporation continues to monitor more than 200 known seeps along the canalís earthen embankments. Levels may vary slightly depending on the location. The reduced water levels should not impact vessels transiting the canal within the navigation channel but may impact some docks and boat launches.

In addition, the Glens Falls Feeder Canal will be approximately two feet lower than previous years as seeps continue to be monitored there as well. Additional adjustments to the water levels, if required, will be communicated in a timely manner.

The Canal Corporation continuously monitors and inspects these earthen dams on foot via daily monitoring with our staff, as well as using advanced technologies like drones and thermal imaging.

The Canal Corporation appreciates the publicís patience during this time and encourages all Canal users and stakeholders to register to receive updates through the "Notice to Mariners" notification program at

And she want to ignore all these other Embankment Integrity Issues from 2022

And of course Ms. Agte is also wrong about the Lockport to Brockport Embankment Project that cleared 27 miles of Canal Embankments in 2018. Here's here Facebook statement about "dead trees" and the TRUTH is in the TWO pictures below it, those were taken this morning along the Brockport East Embankment Dam

Ms. Agte and her Facebook group members routinely post old pictures of tree stumps and logs on the ground to try and persuade themselves they are "fighting for nature". All they are really doing is showing Rochester and the Canal Corporation how utterly stupid people can become, by simply walking along the Empire Trail.

The Canal Corporation actually had to post an illustration of an earthen dam SPECIFICALLY for this Facebook group to understand what it looks like...and they still do not want to accept the truth, or believe they are standing in the way of "public safety" with their own brand of "public stupidity".

This is what the Canal Embankment Dam looks like without trees, and Ms. Agte, Ms. Maier, Ms. Calia, and a few "eastside" Mayors should get used to looking at it, or find somewhere else to go for a walk of ride your bicycle. This is what an Erie Canal Embankment dam looks like, and you have miles of them in Perinton

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