Author Topic: They're waiting and watching for a SEQR REVIEW that will not be happening  (Read 170 times)

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Keeping with that same theme...

Here is more whining about "trees" as Facebook shows some members of Stop the Canal Clear-cut what happened "4 years ago today".

And I have to give Mr. Neale credit, he did correct this new group member, telling her that the pictures were "old" and that "clover and a 1000' barrier" were planted, once trees were removed.

I bet the Canal Embankment Barrier Planting in Holley NY is also "very green", just like the one in Brockport.

And Mr. Neale's most profound statement: "I understand that they (NYCC) are RESPONSIBLE for the INTEGRITY of the canal embankments."

Sadly the leaders of the Facebook group Mr. Neale belongs to, still REFUSE to have that same "understanding" about what drives public safety along an aging NY Canal System. That tactic being used by Ms. Agte and Ms. Maier is known as "willful blindness" and it is NOT a defendable position in any court of law.

Making a personal choice to NOT accept the science, facts or truth, regarding NY State Dam Safety is "willful blindness".

Too bad other's in this group don't live along the Erie Canal, they just might see how their "dam blindness" might be changed when they see a 60 foot tall earthen dam appear once the tress are removed, roots are pulled and turf grass replaces a dangerous & invasive mass of trees and weeds.
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