Author Topic: They're waiting and watching for a SEQR REVIEW that will not be happening  (Read 170 times)

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Fresh from the STCC Facebook page today... more nonsense by the group's TWO founders

And of course Ms. Agte is once again making up "her own" NY State Environmental Quality Review process here, now stating that the "final draft" of the guidebook is being released for "public comment".

And while Ms. Virginia Maier tries to correct her co-founder friend, she doesn't quite have all the correct information either. And Ms. Maier claims it's all a "maybe", like the FB group plans to continue it's fight against letting the Canal Corporation fix what's wrong with the NYS Canal System.

It's not a draft document at all... it is FINAL version.

What is being released are the FINAL Environmental Impact Statement/Review, the FINAL Embankment Maintenance Guidebook, and the FINAL Embankment Maintenance Best Practices visual guide.

No Drafts, just the final generic EIS to satisfy SEQR requirements, and final versions of all other pertinent documents needed to continue the work of clearing overgrown canal embankments for public safety.

And NO "public review or comment time period" is required to move forward to the final steps of the SEQR process. That public input step is over, all information collected will be part of the FINAL release.
The SEQR Final EIS & Guidebook, for the EEIP program, will be peer reviewed by other NYS agencies, like NYS DEC, and possibly the Army Engineer Corps, and after 10 days can be finalized and put into practice immediately, or at the discretion of the lead agency, the NYS Canal Corporation.

And the idea that a "grassroots" social media group, fighting against the improvement of Erie Canal public safety, using a "pseudo-environmental" platform to OPENLY protest canal embankment safety maintenance, will hopefully come to an end... and this Facebook group will quietly fade away.

And that day can't come soon enough.

Personally, it's quite sad watching a group of people, who are proven wrong again and again, still continue to dig themselves into a deeper and deeper hole using "denial, distraction and disinformation" as their shovel.

This Facebook group exemplifies all that is wrong in America today, groups of people, banding together for self-serving causes, making up their own "truth", and then creating their own "facts" to support their preposterous claims.

This group doesn't really care about "the environment", they seldom get involved with any other local tree clearing efforts. What they really care about is THEIR walk along the Erie Canal Trail, and the idea that they do not want that walk changed, even if it's for the good of the public and the safety of the community & canal.

If you don't believe it, just look at their campaign slogan - "Shade is Cool".

Sadly shade is "not cool" when it comes at the EXPENSE of public safety and  the sustainability & safety of the Erie Canal.

Ms. Agte & Ms. Maier have tried very hard to turn a "blind eye" towards Erie Canal safety work, and the Canal Corporation has finally said "enough", here's the Environmental Impact stating unequivocally that if nothing is done to fix these earthen dams a FLOOD WILL RESULT.

"Thank you" to the New York Power Authority & New York  State Canal Corporation for being "truthful and transparent".
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