Author Topic: They're waiting and watching for a SEQR REVIEW that will not be happening  (Read 170 times)

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Which "nutcase" were you thinking of?, the first one?

It will be very interesting how this all turns out...

The release of the Final Environmental Statement will set the stage for what comes next and the big question:

What will MEMBERS of a Facebook group do, when faced with overwhelming evidence contrary to what their Leadership has stated, for the past 4 years?

Will their eyes be opened to the campaign of deception that was used, to convince them into believing unsafe canal dams were a hoax?

Will they realize that supporting a leader's ambition to have a "shady walk" stood right in the way of correcting dangerous Erie Canal Safety issues?

Will they rise up and send a message to the STCC group Leadership with a vote of "no confidence" and leave the group en masse, vowing never to be duped again?

Time will tell...

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