Author Topic: They're waiting and watching for a SEQR REVIEW that will not be happening  (Read 215 times)

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If you look at the NYS SEQR Review Process, using their Step by Step Guide, you can see how the Earthen Embankment Integrity Program environmental work has followed it "to the letter".

The new owners of the Canal System, NYPA, also opted to hold SEVERAL public hearings throughout the SEQR process, some of which were "optional". It was an attempt to be totally transparent about their work, and include as much public comment & review as possible in their Final Environmental Impact Statement... Step 11 of the 12 Step Process

But all that is "water under the lift bridge" as they say in the Canal Corporation...

It's now time to release the FINAL SEQR paperwork for Embankment Integrity and allow NYPA to get on with the monumental task of putting an Embankment Manual into use and start following the "best practices" Guidebook they created, for the safe and sane restoration of these 100 year old earthen water-impounding dams.

And for Erie Canal Neighbors, the repair of this huge public safety issue will finally get underway, and that can't come soon enough.

Hopefully it's also an end of social media opposition to the proper repair and maintenance of these 100 year old earth dams.

Maybe it will be the end to a group who's been whining about trail "shade" and trying to make trees more important than public safety along the Canal, more important than Trail Safety, and more important than the safety of hundreds of Erie Neighbors & communities living in the shadow of these overgrown, infested earthen structure.

Just maybe the release of the OFFICIAL "state required" Environmental Quality Review for the Canal Embankment Integrity Program will serve it's purpose and put an end to the naysayers who have ignored and dismissed the term "Unsafe Earthen Embankments" as a hoax, and "fear-mongering" by a NYS agency tasked with keeping the NYS Canal System operational & safe and also keeping the public safe from an aging 100 year old canal system.
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