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My reply to Mr. Caswell's enlightening post is titled 'Does a Rochester Facebook Group Understand the Risk of Minimizing Public Safety?' for a reason.

It's a question that many should be asking themselves, especially if you are a homeowner living adjacent or near the canal in line of sight.

The short answer is NO, and it appears those who are fighting against the NY Canal Corporation, who's simply trying to make a safer Erie Canal, never will understand what harm they are doing...sad as that may be.

Once again this Facebook group and it's leader, one Elizabeth Agte, continue to demonstrate exactly why it's so important to check your source of FACTUAL information when discussing public safety, the Erie Canal, unsafe embankments, and the safety work of the owners of the NY Canal System, the New York Power Authority (NYPA from here on).

Again all NYPA is doing is attempting to correct long standing safety issues along the Erie Canal.

FACT: There are approximately 125 miles of it's raised earthen embankments that hold back water on a 25% of the entire canal system, and most of these have had zero maintenance in the past 100 years.

An earlier canal embankment restoration project cleared about 27 miles of these medium to high hazard embankments already. That initial stretch of repair extends from Middleport to Brockport, but did not address all the earthen dams, there is more to come, and another 100 miles of unsafe earthen dams to fix.

And this Facebook group wants to stand in the way of that repair work... because they STILL refuse to believe simple TRUTH and FACTS. This Stop the Canal Clear-cut group want to make up their own set of 'facts & truth' instead.

And even more unbelievable is that all their facts and "data" are based on the OPINIONS and BELIEFS of the Facebook group's leadership... again one Ms. Agte and Ms. Borden-Maier

First let's start with the Facebook Post that prompted my friend Mike Caswell to speak up once again against this dangerous group of "environ-maniacs" who still can't accept that the Erie Canal and the TREES along it's dams are a DANGER to those living below the embankments as well as those navigating the trail or waterway.

Here's their actual posts:

Now as you can see by the highlights... it's all about the intelligence of the leaders here, they believe something, it is true. They think their way is the right way, and it becomes fact. And sadly very few people in this group speak up to ask why. Look at the red underlined statements... hmm.

It's not like there aren't pages and pages of information about NYPA all over the Internet. Wiki has a nice write-up and I have emphasized the important point about TAXPAYER support.

FACT: Taxpayers like Ms. Agte & Borden-Maier DO NOT own the canal as they state, they don't even contribute to cleaning up trails along it. NYPA pays the ENTIRE bill for the Canal System now. Because for the first time, in a long time, someone sees the way to make a profit from the Erie... it's new owners.

Now you could also look at the Hydro Review website, after all the owners of the Erie Canal are well known in the arena of providing Hydro Power in this Country and particularly in New York State. They are certainly NOT the bumbling fools that this Stop the Canal Clear-cut Facebook group and it's leadership make them out to be.

Here's a nice illustration or two of what NYPA does for NY power and shows that this company does indeed know and understand all about dams, dam safety and how to make money using water power.

NYPA also has many videos that show what they are doing for the advancement of SAFE, clean energy in NYS.

Are you starting to get the picture?

It's not hard to understand who is making up a load of crap here, is it? I'll post another set of webpage links, for anyone who might want to learn a little bit about NYPA at the end of this post. I will post one here for you NOW to look at, maybe it's the most important.

This is the Linkedin member page for the Alex Brey of the New York Power Authority...who also happens to be the Manager of Dam Safety for this company. He is the authority on NYS Canal System safety when it comes to Dams, of all kinds.

If you are really interested in knowing WHY these earthen embankments along the Erie canal have to be cleared of all trees, brush and overgrown vegetation, I would suggest that you contact him directly. He will give you the real story, and direct you to where you can see the real facts.

He will have the answers and also explain why it's so dangerous for people to get pulled into Facebook Groups with Leaders that spread a false narrative about public safety projects & programs. I am also sure that his experience and knowledge on embankment dams at NYPA will be based in facts, education and science... not just his own beliefs and opinions.

Because at the end of the day you can EITHER get your Embankment Dam Safety Information from a Dam Engineer & Hydrologist...

Or you can get it from a Facebook group of Dam Idiots... right?

And by the way, about Ms. Agte's statement regarding those of us with cleared Erie Canal embankments which I've shown below:

In the meantime.... THREE YEARS LATER.....the poor citizens on the west side are still waiting for their promised privacy landscaping. That clock is still ticking, we have not forgotten.

This poor citizen and westside Canal Neighbor is still waiting for one thing... For Ms.Agte and her group to STOP spreading misinformation about canal safety and STOP saying they are trying to help us.

Because none of what this Facebook group says or does has shown they have figured anything out, remotely related to the truth, in the past three years, regarding Erie Canal Public Safety!

And that is also a Fact

Here's your links for today, enjoy:
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