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It would seem that this group on Facebook didn't get the memo... Erie Canal Clear Cutting is stopped... it was on the news.

Of course it's because the new Earthen Embankment Integrity Program has begun...but this Facebook group did create quite a stir. Made it all the way to the Ohio area of the Erie Canal.

Take a look at this piece from the internet on the Clear Cut Group

And the message with this new Earthen Embankment Integrity Program is exactly the same as it's always been... PUBLIC SAFETY FIRST. 

Because it's not really about shade or trees, it's about SAFETY and trying to PREVENT the possibility that a canal embankment can fail, a flood can occur, and people can die.

Most times we have heard that those who would ignore danger, do so at their own risk, putting themselves in peril.

What happens when a misguided group of leaders does it on Facebook to unsuspecting neighbors of the Erie Canal which causes all of them to "ignore danger"?

I bet it places entire Communities and Canal side Villages in danger & at risk or peril, right along with many who are neighbors to the Erie Canal.

Don't be deceived by this Facebook Group, they DO NOT have the best interest of the General Public in mind, they never have, they never will.

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