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Re: The rantings of a crazy woman!
« on: March 09, 2021, 06:45:58 am »
For the past FOUR years the Stop the Canal Clear-Cut group (STCC) has been at this nonsense!

Powered by a flawed court injunction where they submitted evidence that was  later recanted by their 'expert witness. That witness was misled into thinking the embankment dams were 'wooded slopes'. When the ECNA pointed this out to him, his comment was "I donít know of any earth dams where woody vegetation was purposely planted or allowed to grow on a face of the dam."

So, the STCC tried to find another 'expert' and pulled the same stunt. Once again, a Hydrologist, Dr David Rosgen, recanted his original statements to this group because he was misled into believing these dams were wooded slopes or levees.

Their SEQR based court injunction was another fiasco, fueled by misinformation, and a member who was braggadocio in understanding SEQR requirements. All they achieved was to have a SEQR study done, despite being told by NYDEC that it was unnecessary.

This cost the three towns who brought the lawsuit about $50,000 in legal fees and delayed the inevitable by four years. Ms. Agte talks about how others have "wasted money", her group has wasted more of the public's time and money than anyone else, as she led her group in a fight against public safety.

And she's worried about a 'Beer Regatta'?

It's horrifying to think how much these delays have cost the NYPA, and worse, they put the villagers living under these dams at risk of flood for all this time.

The reason the NYPA does not communicate with these people is that they realize they have no expertise whatsoever in dam technology or environmental studies, it became obvious to all that Ms. Agte and her group add absolutely NO VALUE to the safety or sustainability of the Erie Canal System

As for 'cutting down 100 year old trees'.


Especially on these canal embankment dams, because they were constructed over 100 years ago, to poor engineering standards. The slopes are too steep, they need repair to the toe drains, new drainage systems installed, leaks plugged, etc. Along the Fairport section of embankment dams there are gouges that are 10 feet wide and 6 feet deep with 100 feet tall Cottonwoods growing in them. One blow down and the roots could pull out and cause a canal breach and flood.

The neglect was evident a couple of years ago when the NYPA repaired an imminent breech at the Oxbow.

This must have cost a ton of money as they hammered 40 feet long sheets of steel down into the embankment for over 200 feet of trailway.

You can read more facts about the NYPA and this radical group of misinformed bored housewives.

I'm simply amazed that some local government officials have become entangled with them and this nonsense. They obviously have no regard for the safety of their residents. 

You'll never hear the Stop the Canal Clear-Cut group discuss SAFETY, despite everyone from FEMA, NYDEC, ASDSO (Association of Dam Safety Engineers) and RIZZO engineers telling them these dams are DANGEROUS!

You'll ALSO never hear this Facebook group discuss the main reason the vegetation MUST be cleared. It is so proper dam inspections can be made, and emergency machinery can gain access in the event of leaks that are found, and the entire canal system can get the maintenance it's been missing for almost 100 years.

What really needs to go here, besides this misguided Facebook Group, is the support of the STCC by a few local town & village officials. They, along with Ms. Agte and her group, have already put too many people's lives at risk for too long, for the sake of what? A few cottonwoods that are at end of life, and should never have been allowed to grow there in the first place.

Will it take a devastating flood to show this STCC group just how wrong they are? We hope not.
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