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Here's the actual Stop the Canal Clear-Cut  (STCC) Facebook Post that Mike Caswell is posting about and the text as well.

I've done a little editing work to add paragraph spacing to try and connect the dots on this continued "rant" by the Leader of this group, Elizbeth Agte. Pay close attention to the text below the posting, and see what you think about what is being said, and more importantly why. Maybe after you read it you too will  agree with Mike... this group's message borders on a kind of "madness".

Ms Agte starts right out to set the tone, and that in itself is enough to end any future conversations between the Stop the Canal Clear-Cut group and NYPA. But somehow that fact hasn't made it's way into Ms. Agte's head yet, and that is part of the "madness" that seems to rule this Facebook group.

How would ANYONE believe they would be "heard" if all they have done for the past 4 years is to criticize public safety work they just don't like, ridicule what they don't fully understand and to this day are still unwilling to discuss the facts & science that support the case being made by the OWNERS of the Canal who are trying to fix it?


It needs to be made abundantly clear that we do not trust NYPA. That being said, we have tried for four years to create a pathway for communication and dialog.

NYPA has been arrogant in its disregard, has acted illegally, has backed out of promises, has still not made restitution with citizens on the west side, and has tried to avoid its responsibility to our beloved Erie Canal and to the people who care about it, with legalese and slight of hand.

We have watched as NYPA has systematically dismantled the Canal Corporation and replaced employees with their own, thereby effectively dissolving the dissent among the custodians of the Canal and the Power Authority.

We do not want NYPA to listen to the citizens of New York and act accordingly.

We want them to leave the Erie Canal alone. They are not fit guardians for this valuable historic landmark.

We want the governor of this state, to stop wasting our bandwidth with his ridiculous, Idiotist, juvenile behavior, and do his job. And part of that job is to understand that whatever pipe dream was hatched about NYPA taking charge of the Erie Canal, it has not worked. Give control of the Erie Canal to Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation. But he needs to do something while there is still something to preserve. NYPA wants to pave paradise.
Clearly in my rear view mirror is the NYPA extravaganza “The Beer Regatta” that my husband and I went to a couple summers back, which clearly demonstrated that NYPA was in deep water, (HA!) as they attempted to “Reimagine the Canal”. Harvey and I were among the ten or twelve people who showed up. (Five of those were members of our bike group.) The event cost thousands of dollars... to say nothing of the huge gala they hosted to announce winners at the Memorial Art Gallery, complete with goodie bags and a huge breakfast.
This waste of money is a shame, but it’s nothing compared to cutting down hundred year old trees, with never a thought to the citizens who live along the canal, those who use the canal, work along the canal, and their quality of life.

They have had a go of it, and they have stumbled and elbowed their way through along the entire four years. It’s time for them to go.

NYPA needs to go. NOW.

So, did you see this statement by Ms. Agte?

We do not want NYPA to listen to the citizens of New York and act accordingly. We want them to leave the Erie Canal alone. They are not fit guardians for this valuable historic landmark.

If that's the case then why does she keep talking?  And even more of a mystery, why does she start rambling on about her thoughts on the Governor? If Ms. Agte didn't want NYPA to listen to the "citizens" of New York she had the opportunity to STOP talking right then. But as usual, she didn't.

But she just goes on and on about what she doesn't like with all of these "changes along the canal".

Her Facebook group has STILL not offered ANY solutions on how to fix the unsafe earthen embankments that NYPA has identified along the canal. Ms. Agte will not even admit there is a safety issue on the Erie canal at all. "If it isn't broke don't fix" it is her marching cry, to a group of misguided sheep who follow her stupidly...lock, stock & barrel. Those in her Facebook group who do NOT agree with their Leaders are quickly denounced and expelled from the group as troublemakers.

Sadly it has always been Ms. Agte's own voice that seems to drown out the statements from both the Canal Corporation & NYPA that have been saying all along... "Yes, The Canal IS broken, and we WILL fix it".

While it may be stylish for Ms Agte and her Facebook members to simply ignore the safety of the Erie Canal and the Public using it, that is not a luxury the owners of the NYS Canal System have and also not one that the many Erie Canal neighbors living below these aging earthen dams can ignore. 

You see the real mystery here is just who is the "WE" that Ms. Agte thinks she is representing here?

It certainly is NOT the residents of New York State.  Her little Facebook group has about 600 members total, (and only a few active members, the rest just can't be bothered to sign off), and New York State is the fourth largest in our Country with 19 million people. I do not think her small group fighting against public safety, accurately represents those who have the best interest of the state in mind, for those 19 million people.

It certainly is NOT the many of the hundreds of Erie Canal Neighbors who are living below these unsafe embankments along the Erie Canal that have to be repaired or homeowners might have to start paying for mandatory flood insurance.

Ms. Agte is NOT one of those neighbors, and has voiced in the past that she cares more for the "squirrels & trees" living on embankments than she does for the HUMANS who might be flooded if of of those embankments broke. That last statement is a FACT, from a Public Meeting in her Community in December 2017, when the STCC was formed, and when Elizabeth Agte & Ginny Maier "stood up" against the safety of humans living near the canal.

Does anyone believe Ms. Agte's Facebook Group represents the hundreds of thousands of Erie Canal Corridor guest that use the Canal System or Trails each year? Certainly the "voice of the customer" surveys & studies done by NYPA and the Canal Corporation would have shown support for this STCC group's rant. Just to be clear, it does not. In fact most people who use the canal have stated it was just a view of "trees & water" and they had hoped for more scenic & panoramic views, that is what the VOC surveys have said.

So I'll ask the question again, Who is the "we" that Ms. Agte believe she is speaking for?

If it's you, then maybe you should rethink your choice of a leader, because the one you have, just might have a little "madness" directing her actions.

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