Author Topic: The rantings of a crazy woman!  (Read 413 times)

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In the never ending pursuit to educate & inform those who will NOT accept or believe the NYS Canal Corporation claims of Unsafe Erie Canal Embankments, I have created this Post on Dam Safety in the United States.'s-not-new-york/msg1422/?topicseen#msg1422

And it's being added to this post because the FINAL STATEMENT applies so well to Ms. Agte, and her Facebook Group.

Of course, there is also a population in New York that must be part of  another "state", one that wants to disregard the facts, the science and the Engineering around Earthen Dam Safety.

For these folks who live in this "mental state" it comes down to "state of mind" and a "belief" that they can "deny what they do not understand". It's often called a "state of denial". It's real, and it a dangerous way to think, especially when the safety of the general public is at risk.

Whatever the case, those who would believe there is NOTHING wrong with Erie Canal Embankments, even though the OWNERS of the Canal System have stated otherwise, do so without considering the danger they place their families in, and also the many Erie Canal neighbors in those communities. Call it for what it is... self-centered, selfish, & senseless.

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