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Re: The rantings of a crazy woman!
« on: November 08, 2021, 07:48:40 pm »
Posted today on the STCC Facebook page

From the pen of one Elizabeth R. Agte aka: "Eerie Agte"

I am confused today. This morning we asked the NYPA Public Engagement Director if they had received the comments (over 800 just from the QR code alone) from Bergmann and Associates and if those comments had been evaluated in regards to the EEIP guidebook and now current website representing the EEIP?

We were told :“They (Bergmann) are still working on compiling everything and, over the next month or so, we will be going through them together. Then we move on to Guidebook revisions to reflect the comments. All of that will be released most likely in January but, in the meantime, please let me know what we can share via the website.”

My concern and confusion is that they have already launched a website that looks entirely like they are not acting or reacting to any of the hundreds of comments. So why create the website at this juncture anyway, if they haven’t even seen or evaluated the comments? Why present this website as a done deal?
Why post statements like this one that suggests they have already made up their mind, unless of course, they already have. Note that this picture is not even an embankment, and they cleared the vegetation anyway, because who doesn’t want all those trail users to be practically in your back yard? Recreation area, my foot. And excuse me, but what freaking part of their clear cutting plan factors in carbon sequestration????? I am just beyond right now.

Confusion seems to be a condition very familiar to Eerie A.  She rambles on in a totally illogical way, as usual. Why does anyone continue to follow her and her nonsense? It's obvious from this rant, that the Canal Corp is not taking ANY notice of her, and her antics with postcards. 

Actually, to be totally honest, she's just wasting time and trees -  trees that were cut down to make stamps and postcards that have been put in the Governor's recycling bin!

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