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Re: The rantings of a crazy woman!
« on: November 09, 2021, 09:37:49 am »
Maybe the first line is all that anyone needs to read from "EA" to understand the REAL problem... "I am confused today"

Today is no different than any other day in the STCC Bed of Confusion. It appears now that the group has gone completely off the rails...full speed ahead into even more stupidity

Today it appears that some of the Facebook Group Members are saying that the safety of the Canal System is all based in "shade".

No matter that the Canal Corporation has stated plainly (with supporting documentation) that the issue is possible loss of life, property damage and community devastation if Canal Embankment Safety Issues are not addressed.

And this group says it's because the fish will get "hot", they can't walk dogs "in the sun", and no one will want to use the Canal Trail if the trees are gone... somehow all related to "shade". Can't imagine how fish live in Lake Ontario without trees shading it.

And something new has comepoutr of this group today... how dead, fallen trees somehow "protect" the Erie Canal "beach" areas.

One person went so far as to say that walking along the Canal Trail won't be as "healthy" without trees... OMG!

Does anyone else think this is "normal behavior"?

But on one bright note... the STCC Facebook Group is once again thinking they should become a "Private Group" because some in the area (ie: the ECNA) are using their Facebook Fodder to show how the group is simply just another source of Facebook "MISINFORMATION".

Yes...It's true!

Lately the ECNA has been "holding up a mirror" to this Facebook group, showing not only how they are misrepresenting the Canal Embankment Integrity work, but also how their TWO LEADERS have been manipulating so many people in the Rochester area to do their bidding. They continue to ignore public safety and make preposterous claims about Canal Safety and what it takes to minimize the danger of overgrown, unsafe earthen dams. It's quite sad to watch, but worse.. it's sickening that this group cares NOTHING for the safety of those living below these unsafe earthen dams.

We are waiting for the day that STCC groups' leadership make a statement that it's not fair they are bring "picked on" for trying to "protect the environment". Which is EXACTLY what this FB Group is doing to the NYS Canal Corporation and NY Power Authority who actually have PROOF & DATA to support that they are trying to save Canal Communities from possible flooding and protect New Yorkers from all of this dangerous FaceBook misinformation.

We have NOT joined their group, we do not POST on their FB group page, but for some reason Ms. Agte thinks that her FB rantings should not be exposed for what they truly are...

The Rantings of  Crazy Woman

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