Author Topic: They got what they asked for.  (Read 139 times)

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Re: They got what they asked for.
« on: June 24, 2021, 02:43:14 pm »

Man-Made Breaches... that's something new from this group.

So some "unnamed individuals" purposely caused or tried to cause a canal breach?

Wait, someone really thinks that people somehow "intentionally"  made the water deteriorate the earthen embankment in Macedon and caused the washout at Locks 29/30?

And the steel piling that was driven in to the embankment  in Brockport along Erie St, that leak is now being called a breach by this Facebook group, and it was also an intentional leak caused by these mysterious "people".

Does anyone else see what's wrong with all this?

Who in their right mind would believe this hogwash, let alone follow a group leader spouting this dribble?

The word for today is Complicit... and those who know better, and don't correct these lies being spread in Perinton are just as guilty as the one who is spreading this mis-information all around the Eastside Community.

Bill Moehle, should know better, he's a local Government Official, or was one at some point, who respected the truth, and also what is supposed to be best for public safety in the Community, and for its residents. This flies in the face of that promise as a local government leader.

The man should be FIRED... pure and simple!

AND he must be off his rocker if he is putting Brighton's public safety in the hands of someone as confused as Elizabeth Agte.
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