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« on: June 25, 2021, 04:02:26 pm »

She asked on the Cut The Clear Cut Facebook page -

"Here is my question, considering that they are constantly complaining that they canít see the embankment for all the underbrush and overgrowth, why do they ALWAYS throw the cut limbs and debris down the embankment instead of hauling it away?"

Here's the answer Liz!

Firstly, they are short staffed (everyone is short staffed -remember the pandemic).

Secondly, read the Canal Notices for June, there's broken locks, a major breach in Macedon, many more things more important to public safety than a few downed branches.

So, there they are, rushing around the countryside, with downed trees everywhere, trying hard to keep the trails open.

It's quicker to put the logs to one side, for processing later (in amongst all that brush and rubbish your lil' group is so fond of).

When the EEIP tree removal operation moves across the area later on, they'll actually have machinery, like bucket loaders and wood chippers to easily deal with the odd log here and there.

No point these men getting hernias and slipped discs humping tree branches around. 

See Liz!  It just needs 'common sense' to figure these things out!

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