Author Topic: They got what they asked for.  (Read 139 times)

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Well, Elizabeth Agte and the New York State Canal Corporation finally can agree on something, what gets done with all the brush and stumps that get removed.

I guess that can be called "progress", Mike.

She should be "all in" with the EEIP Guidebook then, because it states EXACTLY what she just was asking about with these blow down trees and their debris. We just posted it in a prior discussion, but I'll add the picture here again.

It's item number TWO in the list.

And of course let's NOT forget that ALL Canal Embankment Clearing work has been stopped where these trees blew over or broke. That's because Lizzie and her group convinced a few mis-guided Town Leaders to sue the NYSCC and stop work in Perinton, Pittsford & Brighton, pending the creation of this Guidebook and generic SEQR Enviromental Statement

So actually the person complaining MOST about why the tree debris wasn't picked up, is actually part of the reason why the Canal Corporation's hand are tied to do get those branches and debris removed.

How ironic, and yet predictable that this group would WHINE about something they caused by their OWN "dam blindness".

Someone in the Eastside communities might just consider the pick up and grinding of that debris, part of EEIP work that hadn't finished approvals yet. And then of course it's followed with an injunction  to Stop Work.

But now that the STCC Founder approves of how "down tree debris" gets picked up, the rest of the EEIP Guidebook acceptance should be a breeze.

Lol, until the STCC group starts chaining themselves to trees

Or worse yet, saying trees are more important than people in public meetings and on their Facebook page.
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