Author Topic: They got what they asked for.  (Read 109 times)

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I suppose the last Embankment Breach was "man-made" too, that was in 2012, when 15 miles of the Erie Canal was "off-limits" to mules, boats and barges.

It was a sinkhole that almost took out the entire embankment in Albion area...

But according to the rantings of this Facebook Group canal breaches aren't possible, nothing wrong with trees on earthen dams, no danger here...move along.

Sadly, the idea that a 100 year old earthen dam is "OK", and should be left to it's own demise, which means it might possibly flood those living below it, without notice, is preposterous...but that is exactly what this Facebook Group is promoting.

They care little about the lives or livelihood of Erie Canal Neighbors... and it shows.
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