Author Topic: They mowed all the flowers - and bees experience dreaded "DIRTH"!  (Read 83 times)

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I couldn't resist... because we all like to learn new words. Just make sure you check the actual spelling

But Merrium Webster is to the rescue once again.

I guess there's been a "dearth" of word checking within the STCC ranks.

And that folks, goes right along with their dearth of actual facts, scientific support and most times, simple common sense with this Facebook Group and it's Leadership. They have zero evidence to support their claims that trees are safe, embankments are safe, and that they are working for the safety of the public regarding these 100 year old raised earthen embankment dams

But that hasn't mattered before and I'm sure it won't matter after they read this posting either

It's easy to see what the problem is... a dearth of intelligence from a group that wants to believe they are right when all indicators are contrary.

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