Author Topic: They sent a lawyer to do an engineers job!  (Read 26 times)

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They sent a lawyer to do an engineers job!
« on: August 30, 2021, 11:42:18 am »
I guess the STCC are finding it impossible to get any engineer to put his stamp on their idea that trees do indeed belong on an earthen embankment dam.

My goodness, they've tried, numerous times. and are always 'advertising' for an engineer to come forward and support their claims.
Remember Professor Donald Gray? He recanted his testimony (reluctantly and indignantly) and Dr David Rosgen did the same, sending a letter to the STCC explaining why trees should NOT be on a dam.

But, it didn't make any difference, the STCC refuse to accept the truth, and the recommendations of engineers working for the NYPA/CC, FEMA, ASDSO, NYDEC, and even the Army Corps of Engineers, who all say, "No trees on a dam"

So, now their lawyer chips in, sending his 24 page rant, (mostly parroted from Ms Agte & Maier -beekeeper and biology teacher). You can read it here.

As you wade through this, just count how many times the lawyer mentions LEVEE.
He obviously has no understanding of the engineering differences of a DAM and a LEVEE.

Well folks. That is what happens when you send a lawyer to do an engineers job.

I challenge the STCC and Bill Smith to find a qualified dam engineer who will side with them.
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