Author Topic: The Patched fiber optic cable? Much ado about nothing?  (Read 47 times)

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The Patched fiber optic cable? Much ado about nothing?
« on: January 17, 2020, 12:53:06 pm »
A group railing against the NYPA (Canal Corp) have been observing the latest work carried out by them at the Oxbow Fairport.

This is yet one more story where the main purpose of the fiber optic repair has not been told, intentionally.

Here's what really happened.

The Erie Canal Earthen Embankment at the Oxbow, right under the power lines, was leaking so badly, the Canal Corporation had to shore it up. There was a HUGE pond at the toe of the dam, adjacent to the apartment complex, and Jefferson Avenue. It had recently been designated a class 3 HIGH HAZARD dam by Rizzo Engineering.
The Phreatic line (a line where wet and dry embankment earth can collapse under certain circumstances) was leaking above the toe of the dam, and had been doing so for many years, hence 6 feet high cat tails flourishing there.
To remedy this, the NYPA made emergency repairs by hammering in 1" thick steel piling sheets over 40 feet deep for over 200 feet along the embankment.

You can see this here in detail

This very noisy, extensive and expensive repair done to save the people of Fairport from flood, has NEVER been mentioned by them. Why? Because, according to them, the canal embankment was never going to fail.

The group claims  the NYPA cut through an important Fiber Optic Cable running underneath the canal, parallel to the  power lines unintentionally. They claim they were incompetent to surface with their boring machine two or three feet from the target after boring almost 100 yards under a body of water.

In this diagram, you can see where the steel wall has been placed. It also shows the dry soil above the Phreatic line, and the saturated soil below it. Note also the fiber optic cable.
Bear in mind, the cable has been there many years, and the leak above it has been getting progressively worse over that time.
Suddenly, the leak becomes an emergency, and not wanting to cause a panic, the NYPA goes about the business quietly repairing the dam wall. They know exactly where the cables are. It's surveyed under the NY 'Call before you dig' regulations.

But, there's a problem! The steel sheets need to go to a certain depth to be effective. The Fiber Optic Cable is in the way.  You can't not hammer in one sheet to a lesser depth to avoid the cable. The NYPA had no choice but to sever it, which they did.

There wasn't a big hoo-ha about it. No one's light's went out. No computers went down. 99% of Fairport didn't even know about the peril they were in from a leaking dam.

If this cable severing had been a problem, why did the Canal Corporation wait almost two years before repairing it?

They had it all figured out. They patched around it, secured the cable ends and waited until, at their convenience, they could issue a contract to get the cable reinstated.

It's s simple as that!

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Just an FYI: The math needed to prove how accurate the cable drilling process is as easy as a right triangle calculator... it shows that the cable bore was drilled almost straight as an arrow to a target, 600' away. With all the variable around soil, water, canal settling etc it amazing that the drilled hole was less than 1/2 a degree off of where it was supposed to hit on the other side of the embankment... just off by a mere 4'

I guess it's always true... those who know the least about a given topic seem to try and convince others that they do "know it all".

For someone to complain about the accuracy of this operation is pretty foolish. Just imagine in a golf match, someone hits a golf ball from 200 yards and it lands 3 feet away from the hole...and no one claps or yells. That is similar to what those who are complaining about this drilling operation would do... not impressed one bit with that shot.

It's mystifying how anyone would follow these leaders... they simply do not understand what is going on with NYS Barge Canal Repair at all
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