Author Topic: They squirm and wriggle, but the blame is on them.  (Read 92 times)

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Re: They squirm and wriggle, but the blame is on them.
« on: June 16, 2022, 04:58:04 pm »
It is getting increasingly harder for this Facebook group to pedal their "fake embankment facts", especially when the Canal Corporation has been "ultra-transparent" about all the public safety issues with trees along the Trail falling down, or into the water channel.

This group led by Agte continues to wear blinders to any idea that they may be wrong on "the safety issue". They continue their chant that "nothing is wrong". But the data and facts are piling up against them almost daily.

And there have been many failures of canal embankments since this Facebook group started there campaign, many that had to be repaired were for sinkholes, major seeping, and an aquaduct leak that washed away an earthen dam. There have also been quite a few emergency repairs in Fairport, Brockport, Macedon, and Holley where metal sheet plating was used to try and reinforce the water impounding structure.

Read all about whats happened just in the past three years on the Rochester Beacon, story linked below.
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