Author Topic: They squirm and wriggle, but the blame is on them.  (Read 92 times)

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Re: They squirm and wriggle, but the blame is on them.
« on: June 18, 2022, 10:12:57 am »
And it still seems that Ms Agte wants her Facebook group, and the general public, to ignore all of the history of Erie Canal Embankment failures that have resulted in past Erie Canal corridor floods or "near-miss" events that could have caused significant flood damage.

Her Google webpage still insists that the "only time" the Erie Canal has broken is when a culvert in Pittsford broke in 1974, while "human activity" was occurring nearby. Here's her statements from the group's Google Website.

Once again, it's just more of Ms. Agte's OVERSIMPLIFICATION of the public danger that unmaintained, high-hazard earthen canal embankments may have on our communities, and this is based on her opinions, and a CONTINUED refusal to accept the HISTORY of past Erie Canal breaches and floods.

Past Erie Canal Floods, Past Erie Canal Embankment Breaches... surely that has never happened???

Yes, past embankment breaches and floods, both in the distant past and more recently as well, have kept the Canal Corporation quite busy, trying to keep 100 miles of 100 year old earthen dams from failing and flooding NY State Canal Communities.

You can't ignore the past, and it's best to try and learn from history instead of repeating it.




And now Ms Agte wants everyone to ignore that the Macedon Breach was actually on an earthen dam, she's claiming the aqueduct washed away, when in fact it was an earthen berm on either end supporting that aqueduct.

There are plenty of images that confirm this FACT.

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