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Author Topic: Tree grooming is so important  (Read 22 times)

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Re: Tree grooming is so important
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2023, 08:03:07 am »
Greg Abbott, Texas Governor has made $8,900,000 non-taxable income from a tree falling on him while jogging /walking in a Houston Neighborhood in 1984

When a 75-foot oak tree snapped and fell, crippling a jogger named Greg Abbott in July 1984, he did what most Texans would do: He sued the owner of the tree. A few months later, Abbott's attorney also sued the tree-trimming company that had worked on the giant oak, and within a year, the homeowner, the tree company, their insurance companies and Abbott had agreed to an out-of-court settlement that would pay Abbott's current and future medical bills and compensate him for mental anguish and for some of the income he lost because of the accident.

Just to be clear on how much MONEY this is... The NYS Canal Corporation has stated plainly, they could clear about 10 miles of unsafe earthen canal embankments with that same amount of money.

Basically they could clear ALL of the trees on embankments that are keeping Pittsford & Perinton residents in danger of flooding with that amount of money.

And that action would eliminate this same thing from happening in New York State, or maybe that's EXACTLY why this Facebook Group is so adamant about "leaving danger trees in place".

Perhaps Ms Agte & her pals are just looking for a chance to 'strike it rich" at the expense of New York State Taxpayers, who would foot the bill if a judgement like this was brought against NYs Power Authority or NYS Canals.

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