Author Topic: Trees aren't a problem on the trail embankment! Oh! Really?  (Read 13 times)

Michael Caswell

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We found this on a Facebook Cycle The Erie Canal Bike Tour site

Note how this tree' roots have spread right across the trail. It's a pity the shot didn't show the entire stretch of the damage to the path, but this is pretty serious, and shows the potential for flooding.

One tree falling and pulling this much earth is exactly why these trees need to be removed, especially if they are old Cottonwoods with hollow or soft roots which can actually reach the inboard slope as they search for water. They'd act like a pipe and within minutes, a good flow of water would begin to erode the embankment. Failure of the dam would be virtually guaranteed.

Look at the size of the UPROOTED tree's "root ball" and corresponding void in the embankment along this Trail section.

People supporting this Facebook group do not think this is a danger at all.

Wow! Unbelievable!

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Doug K

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Some may think that the ECNA "makes up" these issues with "Trees on Dams", not so. You only need to find the people who share their Erie Canal Trail stories on Social Media.

The picture shown in this post, of that LARGE TREE blowdown, was recently posted on this website.. an NEW group formed for Erie Canal Trail Enthusiast:

And TREES are not the only issue along the Erie Canal Trail... animal burrows also are a HAZARD that not only weaken the embankments, but also pose "unseen" risks for bikers & hikers along the Empire Trail. This picture was found on the Canalway Challenge Facebook website, and shows some of those who are working on their End to End bike & hiking adventures.

But some in our area think that trees and woodchucks "belong" on the Canal Trail & Embankments... really?

So that NY State can have more injuries or a flood that wipes away a few hundred lives?