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« on: June 16, 2020, 12:49:20 pm »

As if the governor has less important things to worry about. These unscientific bored housewives just don't know when to quit.

These folks have deceived several scientific experts they brought forward, stating the trees were growing on a levee, not an earthen embankment dam. Once the ECNA explained the truth, these scientific experts quickly recanted their statements.

I donít know of any earth dams where woody vegetation was purposely planted or allowed to grow on a face of the dam.  Such is not the case with earthen levees where vegetation can often be found growing on both the landward and water sides. says Professor Donald H Gray

I challenge them to find ONE body of professionals who will side with their ridiculous claims that trees are good on an earthen embankment dam.

AND it isn't as if the governor isn't aware of the situation, they received this letter from  Brian Stratton Director NYCC, spelling it out. he even mentioned Dr Gray talking about levees citing that this person has no expertise in the Science of Earthen Dams;topic=697.0;attach=3150;image

AND - These bored housewives seem to conveniently forget the major problem here is that the slopes of these dams are too steep. Engineers and hydrology experts  all say ideally the slopes need to be at least 3:1 base length/height. To rectify this the trees MUST be removed.

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Michael Caswell

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Re: Unbeievable!
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Andrew Cuomo's mail box is full and messages are bouncing. I'll bet the few mails he got from the STCC housewives are all lost in the pile of real important things like congratulating him on the wonderful work he is doing keeping us all safe  from COVID-19

Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo (
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I'm not sure on the "three bored housewife" thing, it seems Ms Maier is a published author, in Biology Freshman Year College.

It certainly isn't for Dam Hydrology or Dam Design & Engineering, which she seems to simply blow off as a "science" she's not buying into.

What's wrong with Ms Bordan Maier's claims is simple.. it's all a fabrication, it's conjecture on her part, bordering on fantasy and doesn't have any supportive facts or backing of any qualified EXPERTS in the field of Dam Engineering & Safety.

So Ms. Maier became her own expert, making up her own facts, and spinning a story that has now endangered whole communities

The sad part is that if you go back and look at our Posts on Ginny Maier you will see a long history of simply ignoring the truth about Dams and Dam Safety. You will see posts that she states that she is fully aware of the fact that Trees do not belong on Earthen Dams, she just doesn't like it. It would ruin her walk it seems.

No mention of the thousands of her neighbor's lives & livelihoods might be lost in a flood if the trees toppled over and the dam breached

No mention of the facts that the dam is failing already, leaking badly and in need of immediate repair, exactly as the Canal Corporation has stated.

Nope, this is a clear case of what has plagued our country for years now... ENTITLEMENT!

Virginia Borden-Maier feels she's "entitled" to have "her canal the way she wants it"... even if it means others may be at risk. She is one of those folks who isn't wrong, cant be.. ever. She makes claims that cannot be substantiated or supported for keeping trees on dams, so she changes the narrative, complaining about how "safely" the trees have been growing and what a shame if they go.

Again, no mention of the 8 ton tree limb that fell on the canal path in Fairport just hours before the July Bike Tour passed through, that would have killed a bike rider.

And no mention of the tree roots that have caused a sink hole in the western section of the canal a few years back that had to be repaired. Ms. Maier will never talk about the 100s of leaks being actively monitored in canal embankments as we speak.

Most times the group she runs can't decide if the canal is a natural river or man-made... they call the whole thing "natural".

Nope, I'm afraid we will all have to endure the "fake narrative" this group has sold themselves for the extended future... because they have no way to "save face" as they say in China.

The issue they have that plagues them most... They have created a Facebook group of people that actually believed these three Leaders knew what they were talking about with these embankments.

And now they are seeing that was all one big lie as well... How sad when our Leaders turn out to be Liars


The Canal Corporation has spelled out the TRUTH about Embankment Dams for everyone to read here.

It tells the story of why they need to be repaired and how they will be fixing them... by removing the DANGER that the TREES have created.

You can see where they will be working here:

And if you want REAL facts about Embankment Dams along the Erie Canal...start here:

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