Author Topic: Virginia B Maier fibs through her teeth and twists the truth!  (Read 25 times)

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Virginia B Maier fibs through her teeth and twists the truth!
« on: September 23, 2021, 02:46:13 pm »
Virginia Borden Maier
Brad Allen Thank you so much 🙂 Just a few small clarifications. I do teach biology at a local college, but I don't have my doctorate. And I think it is probably fairer to say that there is "not agreement" among the scientists/engineers at the Army Corps about the guidance, but that essentially all of the research they have performed does not support the approach of removing established vegetation from stable levee embankments, and in fact that this action can increase risk. And Congress has asked them to rewrite the guidance to minimize the environmental impact, but they have not done that yet due to lack of funding.

She knows full well the difference between a LEVEE and an EMBANKMENT DAM. Their (debunked testimony) expert Dr Donald Gray, explained the difference. It looks like, once again, she conveniently mis-informed Gray so he thought he was discussing Slopes on Levees. see

And here we are again, using the same tricks. Disgraceful!
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Re: I think I have STCC Bingo
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2021, 03:50:34 pm »
Mike, it's just another term, in a long string of descriptors, that this group uses interchangeably. They seem to change up what they call these earthen embankments, based on what they think will distract from the real truth, most effectively, at the given moment.

On a happy note, I have B-I-N-G-O now.

So far this week, only 4 days old, I've seen this Facebook group call these Canal Embankment Dams 5 different things:

Members of this FB group have used Riverbank (again), Levee (again), Canal Banks (again), a "garden" (new term), and the catch all, Earthen Embankment. I also might have seen hillside, slope  and berm.

Now it's a new "mashup" of a few old names in this new one you mentioned, a Levee Embankment.

But the real name, used by most with a knowledge of what these structures do, and how they were made, is either an Earthen Dam or Embankment Dam.

I still prefer the descriptive term though, water impounding structure. Because it really does matters what's on the "other side" of the earth that the invasive vegetation is growing on. And if that happens to be WATER on the other side of those "trees" (the majority of time) then it is called a DAM, plain & simple.

And these members do know that trees are NOT allowed on Dams, only turf grass is approved to cover them, for protection of the DAM and the PUBLIC below.

What's next? Maybe a new thing, called a "leveeberm"
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