Author Topic: About Turn! STCC turns the lights back on!  (Read 57 times)

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About Turn! STCC turns the lights back on!
« on: March 17, 2019, 07:22:20 am »
They really don't know what they are doing! One minute it's all a big secret, a private group, that wasn't actually too private because numerous people were telling us what was being posted on the STCC Facebook page.

Got to love the title 'Protecting our Canal' eh?

Looks like some of the town supervisors are feeling the heat these days, as they begin to realise their mission is doomed. They forgot about one thing. The SAFETY of their citizens! It doesn't seem to matter how much scientific evidence you stick under their noses, even getting their expert witnesses to tell them one simple fact "TREES ARE NOT ALLOWED ON EARTHEN EMBANKMENT DAMS", they continue with their nonsense.

Messrs Smith the STCC are plotting and scheming their next move, oblivious to the fact that they are jeopardising the lives of hundreds of people, oblivious to all the experts like Rizzo Engineering who tell them they can't carry out thorough inspections of the class 3 HIGH RISK EATHERN EMBANKMENT DAM because they are overgrown with vegetation, most of which is labeled by NYDEC as prohibited, controlled and illegal.

Town Supervisors have approved plans for construction in a dam hazard zones for years. Once the public is made aware of the dangers there, I can't imaging any sane person wanting to live anywhere near. It might be a different scenario if the embankment was in first class condition, and regularly inspected, but that can't happen with vegetation present on these dams.
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