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Re: We have a new DAM Engineer
« on: August 31, 2021, 03:33:33 pm »
Engineering credentials do not seem to matter to this Facebook group. They do not think Dave Mellen is an expert on anything, except not listening to their crazy logic.

It's about the same for any other evidence or facts that support vegetation removal on Embankment Dams, those facts & truth about Canal Embankments are "all wrong" they say. Of course they have no experts to support their outlandish claims, unless you count a beekeeper, and a biology teacher as "Embankment Dam Experts.

Of course they should be correcting their members who STILL won't believe the words Unsafe or Embankment Dams if they were actually experts... because the replies to that "dam inspector report" from Ms. Maier are comical.

For the last's what has been stated by the Canal Corporation:

For a total of approximately 125 miles of its 524-mile length, the Canal runs through built earthen embankments. These embankment structures exist at many non-continuous points along the Canal, but the concentration of high hazard large embankments is located between Lockport in Niagara County and Lyons in Wayne County (shorter stretches of high hazard embankments are found elsewhere). “High hazard” means that failure would likely result in, among other things, loss of life or widespread economic impact.

This is what Wikiworld has to say about Earthen Embankments:

Here's a great course on understanding Earthen Embankment Dams that even a 10 year old will comprehend:

Please, all of you in the Stop the Canal Clear-cut Group---> take a moment to at least understand what an EARTHEN EMBANKMENT is.. it's a Dam, holding back water, and these raised one along the Erie Canal are unsafe. You can refuse to accept the public safety aspect if you want, at your own peril, but you can't deny that these canal embankments are DAMS!

Well I guess you can, if you want to look totally absurd.

Go read the truth about what makes a dam!01-home

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