Author Topic: We have a new DAM Engineer  (Read 71 times)

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Re: We have a new Dam Engineer!
« on: September 15, 2021, 10:40:05 am »
Hmmm. Pictures being shown of logs being loaded by a Prentice Log Loader in Medina. Why?

These pictures must be well over 3 years old now, and still a big part of the Big STCC Lie. That lie is that Erie Canal Earthen Embankment Maintenance results in total devastation of the canal and surrounding terrain.

And that these Earthen Dams somehow stays that way forever.

All of it untrue, go see what cleared Earthen Embankments look like now with these video links:

The STCC Facebook group will NEVER show pictures of the green turf grass growing on the outboard Embankment slopes, it doesn't fit their "needs".

They RARELY show pictures of the barrier restoration shrubbery that Canal Neighbors received in Medina, it shows that what they are saying is totally untrue.

They SHOW pictures of what existed DURING the Maintenance activities, but not what it looks like today, because that's meant to scare their members into submission.

The TRUTH about Canal Embankment Work- More trees & shrubs were replanted, than what was removed, in the first clearing project called EERP, that cleared 27 of 125 miles of unsafe Canal Dams.

More TRUTH about this Maintenance Work - Turf Grass covered Canal Embankment slopes, once cleared of that invasive growth, sure look like Earthen dams, no mistaking them for anything "natural".

These earthen structures are man-made dams, built to move water and hold it back from the surrounding areas and form one of the oldest, longest Canal systems in the world. And the maintenence required to make these earthen structures safe, will also make the canal sustainable into its third century and beyond.

Don't believe the Stop the Canal Clear-cut Lie.
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