Author Topic: What a load of slop, twaddle and lies.  (Read 75 times)

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Re: What a load of slop, twaddle and lies.
« on: May 19, 2022, 09:10:58 am »
Ms Agte says "There are always seeps along the canal, because it is an earthen embankment…and water seeps.

A perfect example is the tunnel under the canal in Medina. I have walked through it several times, and it “rains” in that tunnel, not seeps, but that does not cause them to close down the tunnel."

Firstly, it is more than an 'earthen embankment', it is an 'earthen embankment DAM' = HUGE DIFFERENCE!  but Liz can't bring herself to say DAM. Why not? Because she knows that dams have rules, and rule #1 is this -


Secondly, she has no concept of how stupid her remarks about the tunnel are.

Why would the Canal Authority close a tunnel? Where is the danger? The water drips through the canal bed and falls into the roadway passing through it below. Does it erode the tunnel? Of course not. It's built with blocks of stone, to ancient specifications, with a keystone. Probably an English design, who used Roman arches in many structures like aquaducts. It's not going anywhere, no threat to the earthen embankment DAM.

It's hard to believe that Ms Agte is trying to say Culvert Road in Medina has earthen walls that are "supposed to seep", especially in light of all the information online that is contrary to that outright misinformation. She's just spinning, in a very feeble attempt to justify her warped views and opinions

Go see for yourself

In fact the ECNA has covered this Medina NY Landmark in the past, and its not 'raining' inside the Culvert Rd Tunnel

Probably more accurate to describe this as an Aqueduct.
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