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And of course there is more...

Since 2018 the Canal Corporation has also undertaken the time & expense, to create a new Embankment Maintenance Manual & Best Practices Guidebook. It is the "Maintenance Plan" and can be found here on their new website, it explains exactly why and how canal embankment will be cleared:

In addition the NYS Power Authority, OWNERS of the Canal Corporation and all of it's assets, have also complied with NYS Environmental Quality Act (SEQR) laws that insure that all work will take a forward looking approach to the work at hand and how it might affect the environment around the canal. That SEQR Document can be found here:

In these documents the NYS Canal Corporation defines an Earthen Embankment: An earthen embankment is an engineered structure or dam wall of the canal, which is made from soil, rock, clay, and other “earthen material’ and impounds (holds) water for a prolonged period above the adjacent land surface elevation.

And from the new Embankment Integrity website this statement is found in the FAQ section:

How are embankment dams different from levees?

Levees typically are meant to protect adjacent areas from flood events and, generally, do not retain water for long periods of time. They can be made from earthen embankments. Embankment dams, like those found along New York’s Canal System, retain water for half the year or longer and have a low-level outlet which means that water levels can be controlled. To see where earthen embankment dams are located along New York’s canals, you can view maps on the Program & Maps page.

So what does the Stop the Canal Clear-cut say about Canal Embankments? They do not believe anything that the Canal Corporation stated.

From the STCC Website on Safety: The earthen Canal Embankments are not engineered dams.

The first 12 pages of the Embankment Maintenance Manual are essentially a long argument that yes, they are. We disagree for a number of reasons -- the primary being that a dam is build perpendicular to flowing water; these embankments are built parallel to the "flow" of the canal.

But regardless, even if you accept this premise, it is clear from the the structure of the embankments and the engineering documents of the time that they are not made of compacted earth the way a dam that creates a reservoir is.  They are piles of dirt, whose stability may, in fact, depend on the roots that form a dense network within them.

We think it is more accurate to consider the Canal embankments as part of a unique, historic,  linear park system and make decisions about  how to maintain these embankments with that understanding.

Once again, this Facebook group choses denial over facts & truth.

Afterall, if you don't believe the Erie Canal is lined by earthen dams, you can easily say they aren't a danger..right?
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