Author Topic: Grasping at Straws?  (Read 56 times)

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Grasping at Straws?
« on: March 25, 2022, 10:35:15 am »

The STCC members are really grasping at straws here. These 'tree huggers' have absolutely no relevance to anything on our canal. Perhaps this is just wishful thinking on the part of the writer.
I can't imagine any STCC members would actually chain themselves to trees when the tree felling starts.

And it would appear that the trees mentioned here were not on earthen embankment dams and not subjecting locals to a potential loss of life or property.

But wait! Maybe I got that wrong, after reading so much of this STCC twaddle there is distinct possibility some of these people will be daft enough to try this stunt.

I just hope they get arrested!

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Re: Grasping at Straws or grasping at Satyagraha?
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2022, 11:30:52 am »
Once again, this Facebook group and the "irony" of what they post compared to how they act, and what they say.

This part from their "tree-hugger" worship...

Satyagraha... started in the 1970s, when a group of peasant women in the Himalayan hills of northern India threw their arms around trees designated to be cut down. Within a few years, this tactic, also known as tree satyagraha, had spread across India, ultimately forcing reforms in forestry

Satyagraha, is a very interesting comparison for this group to mention.

It's a Philosophy that is most attributed to Mahatma Gandhi, and is about "holding on to the TRUTH".

You have to understand that "holding on to the Truth" is not a strong suit of this Facebook Group, never has been... they find it easier to create their "own truth".

That's the IRONY here... or better stated by the "Greeks" as "simulated ignorance".

That has now become the "ploy" of the Stop the Canal Clear-cut Group --> "simulated ignorance"

Here's a few examples of there the Stop the Canal Clear-cut has had NO GRASP of the Satyagraha Truth at all:

The STCC didn't accept that the Canal Corporation isn't "clear-cutting", but is actually performing required earthen embankment maintenance to have their navigation dams comply with NYS Dam Safety Laws.

The STCC hasn't accepted that Erie Canal Embankments are actually high-hazard earthen dams, built for navigation, and as dams they are required to be maintained to NYS guidelines. They say these are all "levees", not Dams, and there is NO issue with safety or high-hazard, they call this "fear-mongering".

The STCC has stated that removing trees along canal embankments will bring despair to all wildlife living there, animals will not know what to do or where to live. They have also stated canal fish will die from a lack of shade on the water, and humans will have less oxygen as a result.

They have tried to use global warming as a reason to leave invasive vegetation growing where it is not allowed to be.

The STCC claims that ALL TREES have been removed in the Brockport area, nothing left but desolation and ruin. They post images on their Facebook page of a Navigation Dam refurbishment from 3 years ago, when trees were removed prior to embankment restoration. The STCC group froze "their own truth" at that time, wanting all others to believe them.

The STCC will not accept that cleared canal embankments are actually earthen dams, once they get properly planted with grass... pure denial.

The images they post on their Facebook page, trying to prove their false allegations, actually show the real story in Brockport NY.

It's not hard to understand that anything called Erie Canal Earthen Embankment Maintenance, or something called Canal Integrity, is most likely centered on IMPROVEMENT to a canal for safety reasons.

That would be a NYS Canal SYSTEM that has become a safety hazard to the communities it passes through, and the neighbors living below it... simply because it's now a hundred years old.

The NYS Canal Corporation has finally completed an 18 month long, NYS State Required,  Environmental Quality/Impact study, and that effort shows the NYS Canal System is likened to "a catastrophe, waiting to happen with the next uprooted tree."

The NYS Canal System is falling apart, needs immediate safety inspection & repair, and is causing flood issues well beyond what people see from it's walking trail.

But NONE of that can happen until all the vegetation is removed, that is making inspection IMPOSSIBLE, according to the canal owners.

That's the TRUTH, whether we like it or not, whether we agree or not... end of story...and that's the truth.

And frankly speaking, why would anyone be so foolish to believe "they know more" than the property owner, by virtue of the fact they are merely "looking over their fence".

Unless of course you want to hide behind a social media group, clinging to some failed Indian philosophy, that says you create your own truth, and defend it with "simulated ignorance" as your guiding principle.

The truth is sometimes a hard pill to swallow

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