Author Topic: Who's fault is this muddy mess?  (Read 36 times)

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Who's fault is this muddy mess?
« on: May 01, 2022, 05:56:00 am »
I recently received an email from the Canal Corp which stated that the reason why the canal was drained every year was to relieve the hydrostatic pressure from the earthen embankment dams. (Remember the Phreatic Line!)

Engineer surveys conducted c2017 proclaimed these dams high hazard class C, and recommended the vegetation was removed to enable full detailed inspections. They also discovered a section near The Oxbow that was leaking and shored it up (over 200 feet long) of ArmCor steel sheeting, hammered into the dam some 40 feet deep.

At about the time the NYPA announced their plan to repair these dams, the group called the Stop the Clear Cut (STCC) persuaded the three towns Brighton, Pittsford and Perinton to bring a law suit to save the trees.

After this, the Canal Corporation shortened the time the canal was operational by a month. It's no coincidence in our opinion that we now have to endure a shortened season because The Canal Corporation are concerned for resident's safety.

We have to look at this muddy mess for over 6 months simply because the embankments are unsafe.

If the dams are cleared of vegetation and inspections were easy to conduct, the canal could operate for a much longer season and we wouldn't have to endure looking at this mess. Our summers are short enough, but we could easily get another month or more use for fishing and boating if it was safe.

So, when you see the drained and muddy canal, just blame the STCC!
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