Author Topic: Why does Elizabeth Agte think she should be allowed to tour active Embankment Worksites?  (Read 168 times)

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So in response to being DENIED a tour of the Gaines Basin Embankment Work site, the best Ms. Agte could muster up is an old picture from 2018, wearing a hardhat, standing next to a road somewhere near Brockport to post to her Facebook minions?

No Canal, No Embankment under Repair, just her giving the camera a "peace sign".

And she somehow wants all to believe that the Earthen Embankment Restoration Project (EERP), to remove invasive vegetation from canal embankment dams, is somehow the "same thing" as tearing an entire slope of an embankment apart to build a better seal for escaping water?

So we all should assume that all Embankment Work Zones are the same, because Ms. Agte says so?

Or is this just an indication of the real truth... Ms Agte just doesn't want to be told (or admit) that she was wrong about Canal Safety

Sorry, no tour.. mainly because it's a DANGER to the PUBLIC to invite Ms Agte & her group anywhere near ongoing Erie Canal Safety Work.