Author Topic: Will the STCC ever stop complaining about the Erie Canal Rehabilitation Program?  (Read 67 times)

Michael Caswell

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Isn't that Agte bee on Amur Honeysuckle?

How many time do we have to tell these dweebs about this stuff?

It's invasive, illegal and controlled.  The ECNA has been cutting this stuff down like crazy over the past few months. I wonder where this Agte bee bush is? If anyone knows, let me know and it will be TOAST!

BTW We had a great weekend down the Oxbow Trail. Cleared out a number of tires, and junk. Cut down loads of Honeysuckle, planted a Catalpa tree, and knocked back a large patch of Japanese Knotweed.
All we need now is to get the Canal Corp to mulch this stuff up.

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